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With our backbone of intellectual engineers team who have been researching and innovating global advanced technology in grain industry, SRON factory also applies strict management system for production with ISO9001 certification, advanced machining facilities and well trained worker forces. And our project managers abide by strict site work management system for the precise installation work.

For our reputation, SRON is honorably appraised as China Steel Silo Industry Governing Enterprise, Grain Technology Research Center in Henan Province, and with in-depth technical cooperation with Design and Research Academy of Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou Design Institute of China National Grain Reserve Bureau.

Grain Safety and Advanced Grain Technology is not just a project, it is a project about people safety. Each of SRON project embeds our responsibility and conscience.

SRON Culture

We pursue the progress, innovation and win-win.
Our mission is to increase the profitability of our customers by delivering reliable, cost-competitive solutions.


    Company vision

    We aim to be international first class expert for bulk materials storage technology.



    SRON provide safety guaranteed reliable and scientific storage silo system projects by our professional technical service and with reasonable price.


    Company values

    With passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and innovative, the advocating of technology, priority of research, being professional and rigorous, responsibility, solidarity and thanksgiving.

SRON brand

    SRON means Safety, Reliable, Open and Neverstop.
    We embrace new technology and never stop innovation and progress to benefit our clients by advanced technology and reasonable price, these are the bedrocks upon which SRON Brand is built.
    China has 1.4 billion polulation and 0.62 billion ton yield of grain(as per 2015 data). Grain safety is top as for Nation Safety, so Chinese government has been serious on grain technology development research. Till now, China's grain storage technology has been international advanced level, and SRON shoulders the responsibility to bring China advanced grain storage technology and equipment globally.
    International cooperation has been the key strategy of SRON, we will send engineers to participate and communicate with global experts in industry fairs in USA, Germany and Italian each year. SRON has been an important participant of China One-Belt-One Road strategy in grain silo industry. Moreover, SRON has started established sales and services agents globally to faciliate our global users.