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HENAN SRON SILO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is China leading reputable EPC Contractor for bulk materials storage silo project, closed stock ground, and bulk material port handling project for grain, cement, fly ash, clinker, coal and mineral powders etc. SRON has the qualifications of Main Contractor for civil construction projects, Main Contractor for mechanical and electrical projects, professional contracting of steel structure engineering, and Architectural Engineering Design Qualification. We have the complete qualifications in the field of bulk material storage and transportation in China.


Our vision is to be internationally respected brand in the field of bulk materials storage and transportation field; Technology builds the beauty of project is our product and service principles; High-standard, globalized and to be an internationalized brand are our business philosophy. After long-term development, SRON has mastered the key technologies of steel silos and formed its own core competitiveness. SRON brand has already exerted influence in the field of international silo engineering.

As the leading EPC Contractor for bulk materials storage and transportation projects in China, advanced engineering capacity, mature manufacturing and project management systems are the back-bones of SRON development. SRON has been awarded a lot of honors as the National High-tech Enterprise, Henan Silo Engineering Technology Center, Zhengzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, Vice President Unit of "China International Chamber Of Commerce Henan Chamber Of Commerce", Governing unit of "Henan foreign affairs office Subordinate Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries",  Governing unit of "Grain post-production innovation alliance" etc. At present, SRON has 5 senior engineers, 8 grade one construction engineers, 31 professional technicians with intermediate professional titles or above, 9 technicians with doctor or master degrees or above, and 79 patented technologies, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and SGS certification.

Besides of our rich experiences in design, manufacture and construction for steel silo and bulk materials storage and transportation projects, while absorbing technologies from the first-class industry institutes in China, we are actively participating in international technical cooperation securing continuous technology optimization and innovation. Finite Element Analysis Technology is applied for structure calculation, which ensures structure safety while achieving economic benefits and save Owner investment. Project management adopts BIM technology realizing the visualization and dynamic control of project progress management, project progress management is detailed and informationalized ensuring scheduled completion of project as per Owner requirement and supervision.

We have 3 manufacturing and processing bases, covering an area of more than 590,000 square meters, including blanking workshop, machining workshop, riveting and welding workshop, assembly workshop and painting workshop. With advanced production lines and sophisticated equipment, our annual manufacturing capacity is 30,000 tons. We attach great importance to the explorations of economic materials, new technology and new processing technology, own the world's leading CAD-CAM system, and have complete physical, chemical, metallographic, nondestructive testing and surveying methods and tools to ensure the quality of the steel structural components and mechanical equipment processed.

In recent years, SRON has actively responded to the National Belt and Road Initiative, participating in international bidding and market competition, accumulating valuable international projects experience, and had a deep understanding of the implementation of international projects. We have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Mongolia, Philipines and Peru with more than 900 sets of steel silos and up to 3 million tons of materials storage capacities, SRON quality and reputation are highly recogonized by global users.

SRON Culture

We pursue the progress, innovation and win-win.
Our mission is to increase the profitability of our customers by delivering reliable, cost-competitive solutions.


    Company vision

    To become an international engineering company with a good industry reputation and reputation in the international bulk storage and transportation field and a respected international industrial brand.



    To provide global customers with safe, reliable and professional bulk project storage system solutions and EPC general contracting services representing China's engineering design, equipment manufacturing and engineering management standards.


    Company values

    Unity and collaboration, responsibility, professional rigor, innovation sharing, simple and pragmatic, awe and gratitude.

SRON brand

    SRON means Safety, Reliable, Open and Novation.
    We embrace new technology and never stop innovation and progress to benefit our clients by advanced technology and reasonable price, these are the bedrocks upon which SRON Brand is built.
    China has 1.4 billion polulation and 0.62 billion ton yield of grain(as per 2015 data). Grain safety is top as for Nation Safety, so Chinese government has been serious on grain technology development research. Till now, China's grain storage technology has been international advanced level, and SRON shoulders the responsibility to bring China advanced grain storage technology and equipment globally.
    International cooperation has been the key strategy of SRON, we will send engineers to participate and communicate with global experts in industry fairs in USA, Germany and Italy each year. SRON has been an important participant of China One-Belt-One Road strategy in grain silo industry. Moreover, SRON has started established sales and services agents globally to faciliate our global users.