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Poultry Feed Silo

Poultry Feed Silo

  • Material:Corn, Soybean, Barley, Animal Feed like Cattle, Chicken, Pig, Horse etc.
  • Capacity:1ton-50ton
  • Model:Bolt Assembly Hopper


SRON Feed Silo Characters:

Poultry feed silo mainly applied to poultry farm plant, as for the unique silo type, generally to produce on a large scale. Bulk Feed silo is a popular way of storing feed due to their ease of installation, lower expansion cost and convenient hopper unloading. Several of these silos can be installed to store a variety of animal feed and the sealed roof and body design helps protect grain feed from moisture damage.

  • Silo area layout requires reasonable and transportation convenient.
  • It generally set with raw material silo, buffering silo, finished goods silo and bagging silos, also with a variety kinds of grains.
  • Equipped with weighing, unloading, cleaning, dust collecting, handling and other mechanical equipment.
  • Short duration, less investment, quick income, with high degree of automation.
  • Small covering area, high mechanization degree, bulk raw material, saving bagging cost, reduce the cross infection between the materials.
  • High staff management quality and management level.

SRON Feed Silo Process:

feed silo Process


SRON Feed Silo Specifications:

Item 3ton 6ton 8ton 10ton 15ton 20ton 30 ton 40 ton 50 ton
Silo Bottom Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60 Hopper 60
Model TCZK01801 TCZK02404 TCZK02402 TCZK02403 TCZK02703 TCZK 03003 TCZK03603 TCZK03604 TCZK03605
Diameter(m) 108 2.45 2.45 2.45 2.75 3.05 3.667 3.667 3.667
Rings 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5
Volume(m3) 4.5m3 9.5 m3 13.5 m3 17.66 m3 22.5 m3 29 m3 46m3 58m3 69m3

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