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Corn Dryer Tower

Product Information :
Corn dryer tower is widely used for large capacity corn and soybean drying, capacity from 100ton per day to 1000ton per day in 24 hours working time. The dryer can be used in a big storage silo project, or as a separate commercial grain dryer project.

Product Information

Co-counter current corn drying tower is continuous drying operation. The tower is installed outside. The drying tower is composed by storage layer, drying layer, tempering layer, cooling section, grain discharging mechanism, urgent grain unloading mechanism, tower frame, heat air intake mechanism, moisture exhaust mechanism, heat air blower mechanism, cooling fan mechanism, needed motor and other components. Commonly used in large-scale grain storage project. Apply to variety grain high-quality drying, such as paddy rice, sorghum, soybeans, corn and wheat etc.

    Drying Stage

  • In the top drying stage , high-heat air made grain rapid warming, and took away part of granule surface moisture.
  • Medium-heat stage takes away large amounts of moisture with medium heated air.
  • After high-heat and medium-heat stage, the grain granule temperature has raised, so bottom drying stage use low-heat air. Low-heat air can easily take away stronger grain inside moisture but avoid grain temperature too high.
  • At last, dried grain come to cooling stage, after enough cooling, grain with safety moisture and temperature can comes to silo storage directly.

Technical Specifications

Model SNHT100 SNHT150 SNHT200 SNHT250 SNHT300 SNHT400 SNHT500
Capacity (t/d) 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
Moisture Expected Lowed Down(%) 4-16
Heated Media Cleaning Air
Heated Air Temperature(℃) <120
Drying Evenness(%) <98
Broken Rate(%) <0.5
Unit Heat Consumption(kj/kg H2O) 5800
Coal Consumption (Standard)(kg/h) 60-230 90-345 120-460 150-575 180-690 240-1000 300-1380
Installation Capacity According to the environment, conditions, expected moisture lowed down and configuration.
Dryer Size(M) 4×3 4×3 5×3.2 5.5×3.2 5.5×4 5.5×4.5 6×6
Dryer Height(M) 6-12 8-15 13-17.5 14-18 14-19 15-20 16-22

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