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Grain Drying Tower For Sale

Grain Drying Tower Introduction :
Grain Dryer Tower is often used for large-scale grain storage and suitable for drying high-quality grains such as paddy, rice, sorghum, soybean, corn, and wheat. Grain drying towers are mainly divided into two types: continuous type dryer tower and batch type grain dryer tower.

Grain Drying Tower Introduction

Grain Drying Tower For Sale

Dryer Tower Type: Continuous Type Dryer Tower, Batch Type Dryer Tower

Drying Material: Corn, Wheat, Paddy, Rice, Sorghum and Soybean

Drying Capacity: 10ton to 1500ton per day

Application:Food Processing Plants, Oil Processing Plants

Drying System: a grain storage section, a drying section, a slowing section, a cooling section, a grain discharge section, an elevator, an environmental-protection hot-air stove, a cooling and unloading system, an automatic grain moisture detector, and an automatic electronic control device




Grain Drying Tower Introduction

Grain Dryer Tower is often used for large-scale grain storage and suitable for drying high-quality grains such as paddy, rice, sorghum, soybean, corn, and wheat. Grain drying towers are mainly divided into two types: continuous type dryer tower and batch type grain dryer tower.

Continuous grain drying towers are widely used for drying large-capacity and high-moisture crops, capacity from 100ton per day to 1000ton per day in 24 hours working time.

Batch type grain dryer is widely used for small capacity paddy, seeds and oil crops drying, and can maintain the biological activity of grain to the greatest extent.




Working Principle of Grain Drying Tower

In the top drying stage of the drying tower, the high-heat air heats up the grain rapidly and takes away part of the grain surface moisture; After passing through the drying section, the material enters the slow drying section, where the inner and outer layers of the grain granules undergo moisture and heat exchange, which balances the moisture in the inner and outer layers of the material granules, which can effectively protect the grain quality;

In the medium-heat stage, moderately heated air takes away a large amount of moisture;

After the high-heat and medium-heat stages, the grain temperature increases, so the bottom drying stage uses low-heat air. The low heat air can easily take away much more water, but keep the grains from getting too hot.

Finally, the dried grain enters the cooling stage, after sufficient cooling, the grain with safe moisture and temperature can directly enter the silo for storage. For high-moisture raw material crops, a multi-stage drying and multi-stage slow drying process is usually used.


1. Good drying quality and low cost. In the Co-counter flow grain dryer, hot wind contact with the low-temperature wet grain firstly, and flows in the same direction, which not only makes full use of high-temperature hot air, but also ensure every grain pellets drying can get the same temperature. After each drying section, using a tempering section, making grain moisture content and temperature from surface to center be more balanced before the next dry grain, benefit for the next stage of drying, and ensure the quality of grain drying;

2. The grain broken increasing rate 0.5%, with abnormal smell or color change, and no pollution;

3. Large humidity reducing range, with multi-stage drying process,a precipitation rate can be as high as 15-18%;

4. Energy saving, proven energy savings of 20-25% compared to other models;

5. High automation, equipped with thermal couple to monitoring hot wind temperature, video monitoring system, adopt stepless adjustment discharging, the drying tower is connected with former process, realize automatic operation.


1. Drying structure composed of transverse grooves, grain circulate in criss-cross, even drying;

2. Constant drying speed, avoid cracking. Computer control moisture hot temperature;

3. Automatic moisture sincer is adopted to avoid over-drying;

4. Apply to Paddy rice, corn, wheat, soybean drying;

5. A variety of fuels are available;

6. Convenient maintenance, reassuring application.

Precautions When Using the Grain Drying Tower

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of grain drying tower

The burner of the grain drying tower should be cleaned regularly, check the tightness or deviation of the V-belt of the lifting conveyor belt, and adjust it appropriately according to the situation. If it is not used for a long time, loosen the conveyor belt and drive belt.

2. Key points for safe operation

Do not touch the burner with your hands during operation, and do not put your hands into the hopper when entering the grain. When troubleshooting, wait until the machine stops running. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the job site, and fire extinguishing equipment is provided.

3. Grasp the degree of drying

Different grain storage has different drying requirements. Generally, rice can be dehydrated to 13.5% in indica rice and 14.5% in late japonica rice. For grain drying towers with automatic moisture content determination devices, check whether the readings are correct during initial use, and correct them if necessary. When testing moisture, the knob should be adjusted to the corresponding grain position for different grains, so that the readings will not be wrong. The machine can only be shut down when the grain meets the drying requirements.

4. Avoid grain scorching

If the drying tower is shut down for a long time, but the heat supply is not stopped, the materials in the machine will carry a lot of heat and cannot flow, and the heat will not be dissipated, which will cause local overheating. The drying system of the drying tower is a closed space. If the material circulation is not smooth during the working process, it will easily lead to the accumulation of materials in the machine.

Drying Tower in Grain Silo System

Now many food processing factories or owners of grain (corn, soybean wheat, etc.) will buy a drying tower when buying grain silos. Because there is a drying tower, they no longer have to worry about drying the grain. If the grain is not dried to a certain extent and stored in the grain storage silo, it will cause the grain to become moldy, deteriorate and reduce its economic value. At the same time, the combination of drying tower and grain silo can realize modern grain storage operations, realize the mechanization of the whole process of "planting-plant protection-harvesting-drying-storage" of grain, and improve the economic efficiency of the owners engaged in storage and processing. benefit. The use of grain drying tower promotes the speed of agricultural production and processing, brings great convenience to people's production and life, and has a very good drying effect.


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