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Feed Silo System Solution Supplier

Feed Silo For Sale :

Storage Materials: Cattle Feed, Chicken Feed, Corn, etc.

Storage Capacity: 50-1500tons

Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Bolted Silo, Hopper Silo

Application: Feed Processing Plant, Animal Farm Plant, etc.

Silo Bottom Type: Conical Bottom

Feed Silo For Sale

Storage Materials: Cattle Feed, Chicken Feed, Corn, etc.
Storage Capacity: 50-1500tons
Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Bolted Silo, Hopper Silo
Application: Feed Processing Plant, Animal Farm Plant, etc.
Silo Bottom Type: Conical Bottom
Auxiliary System: Pre-cleaner, Grain Dryer Tower, Conveying System, Receiving System, Distribution System, Grain Detection and Control System (Temperature Measurement System, Grain Cooling system, Nitrogen Adjustment System, Ventilation System, Fumigation System, etc.)

As a grain silo manufacturing project company with over decade years experiences, SRON provides customized and EPC services according to different functional needs, site and climate conditions and investment plans of each client's project.
If you are interested in our feed storage silo system or would like to know specific quote or details, please click here,we will contact with you as soon as possible.

Feed Steel Silo Introduction
Using steel silos to store feed can provide long-term, good mechanical ventilation, dry and closed conditions, and strict dust removal, explosion-proof, moisture-proof and other measures can achieve the ideal state of feed storage. At the same time, the use of steel silos to store feed can also improve work efficiency, standardize work processes, improve enterprise management levels, ensure the stability of feed storage, and reduce labor input.
SRON has 35+ years experience in the designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of feed storage silo, used for store feed, maize, wheat, etc. Our feed steel silo is known for its light weight, easy maintenance, and solid structure, and can be customized designed in various sizes for clients’ needs.

Clients can directly contact with our salesmen and tell us about your needs for feed silo system, such as silo type, capacity, the choice of accessories, etc. Our engineers can design the project drawings of feed silo system for you and discuss any problems that may occur before construction and solve them.

Features of SRON Feed Steel Silo System
1. Short construction period, low investment, fast income and high degree of automation.
2. Small footprint, high degree of mechanization, bulk raw materials, saving bagging costs and reducing cross-infection between materials.
3. It facilitates the daily management of the farm and alleviates the problem of high labor costs.
4. The closed feeding design can effectively reduce the pollution and stealing of feed by rats and flies.
5. Quantitative feeding can avoid the problems of inconsistent feed intake and unbalanced nutritional development in artificial feeding.
6. Ensure that the farm is clean and durable, which is conducive to the health of breeding, reduces feed waste, and reduces breeding costs.

Why Choose SRON Steel Silo to Store Feed 
1.SRON feed silos can be installed to store a variety of animal feed, and the design of sealed silo roof and silo body helps protect grain feed from moisture damage. SRON feed silo system can help owners achieve maximum efficiency when loading and unloading stored feed, and also protect the internal feed storage from external insects and debris. Feed silos can be integrated with various animal husbandry automatic feeding systems, with reasonable layout requirements, convenient application, and less use of manpower and material resources.

All SRON feed silos include corrugated galvanized bolted steel silo or galvanized spiral steel silo. The bottom of feed silo can be designed with different feeding angles according to the material and characteristics, so that the stored pellets can flow out freely without breaking. Our feed steel silos have a variety of options for galvanizing from Z275-Z600g/m2 in accordance with UNE-EN 36130, which makes them durable and weather resistant.

2.SRON feed silo is mainly composed of silo roof, silo body and cone bottom. It is generally equipped with raw material silo, buffer silo, finished product silo and bagging silo, and can hold various grains. Equipped with weighing, unloading, cleaning, dust collection, handling and other mechanical equipment. Natural ventilation windows, manholes, and ladders are installed on the roof of feed silo. The roof of feed silo is sealed with mastic and waterproof gaskets, and safety fences are installed around the eaves of the feed steel silo. The feed silo body includes wall panels, support columns, ladders on the silo body, protective handrails around the ladder, silo doors and door platforms, etc.

3.The corrugated plate adopts inner stand columns with punching form: The main function is to increase the seismic resistance, lateral and vertical load resistance of feed silo, and increase the vertical stability of the silo; the columns and the silo walls are connected by specially customized galvanized bolts with high strength, and there are also specially customized ring beams , The advantages of column feet, tie bars, painted cone bottoms, etc. are long service life.

4.If you choose China's grain silo to store feed, SRON is the ideal choice. As one of the largest steel silo manufacturers in China, SRON has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. Moreover, we have an excellent team with more than 20 years of experience in silo construction, and have rich experience in the design, manufacture and construction of steel silo project and bulk material storage and transportation system project. SRON can provide the whole process turnkey project from consultation, design, production, on-site construction to silo system commissioning. So if you need to store feed or other grains please contact us and we will be happy to design customized solutions for you.

Price of SRON Feed Silo System
If you are interested in our feed silo or want to know more details about the whole feed silo storage system, please contact us. After understanding your specific needs, we have specialized technicians and salesmen who can provide you with the most economical and reasonable quotation and advice according to your needs.


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