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Engineers Team

SRON spend the most effort to find the best talents engineers, most of our engineers have rich experience working in Leading Design Institute in grain storage industry.
Start from primary project feasibility study, project configurations, land buying, financial work and ends at project building and operation, our engineers and people be with you to provide the matching solutions and advise.
As per requirement, SRON can work for your single equipment, or EPC solution of whole project.

  • Engr. Yang Gongxiao

    CE, SN ENGR, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN Expert

    With more than 20 years of experience in technology development and engineering management, Engr. Yang is proficient in process and structure calculation of silo system, and has unique opinion on project management. And he has the brilliant ability to control the project from the beginning of design to the end of completion, with a high skill level and strong ability to organize, coordinate and manage all aspects of the project.


  • Engr. Li Yinhao

    Director Structure Engineer, SN ENGR, SN Structure Expert

    Engr. Li has been learning from Mr. Geng Xiaobing, who is a well-known structural expert in China, is also the reviewer of Technical Specification for Space Frame Structure. He is proficient in all kinds of steel structure support, frame design calculation, silo finite element design calculation, large span space structure design calculation, concrete structure design calculation; with well understanding on GB Standard and ANSI Standard, also has a deep research on the stress form of various types of silos and supporting steel frames.

  • Engr. Han Jiafei

    Cement and Bulk Cargo Silo Process Engineer, SN ENGR, SN Process Engineer

    Proficient in industrial silo engineering system process design and cement and bulk storage and transportation equipment selection calculation. Engr. Han used to be a process designer of Jidong Cement Design Institute and has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and debugging bulk material storage and transportation system equipment.


  • Engr. Li Zhigang

    PM, SE, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN PM

    Graduated from Henan University of Technology, Engr. Li has in-depth research on the process of receiving, cleaning, drying, transporting and storing for grain materials. Engr. Li has engaged in the process design and project implementation of grain storage project and drying project for a long time, already got rich experience in the design, construction and commissioning of grain storage project.


  • Engr. Zheng Zhong

    PM, Intermediate Engineer, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN PM

    Engr. Zheng is proficient in bulk material storage and transportation project management, and expert in procurement, installation and construction of cement and bulk material storage and transportation equipment. He used to be the project manager of Tianrui Cement Group, with solid professional knowledge, strong practical ability and adaptability, and strong organization management and coordination ability.


  • Engr. Du Zhiqing

    Process Engineer of Grain Storage and Transportation, SN ENGR, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN Expert

    As the project manager since 2006, Engr. Du has been engaged in the process design and project management of grain engineering projects for many years. As the Principal of design, construction and commissioning, he has participated in more than 20 large and medium-sized grain projects. With a lot of experience in design, installation and commission of large and medium-sized grain projects, Engr. Du used to be the director of the Design Institute of Henan University of Technology.

  • Engr. Fu Peng

    PM, Intermediate Engineer, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN PM

    Engr. Du has engaged in silo engineering system construction for many years, and independently led dozens of silo engineering system construction projects as the project manager. With rich experience in installation, construction and maintenance of silo engineering system, he is proficient in construction management of silo engineering project, and has brilliant ability on emergency operation.


  • Engr. Liu Chuntao

    EE, Master Degree, Intermediate Engineer, Primary Registered Construction Engineer

    Engr. Liu is expert in electrical design, installation and commissioning of silo projects. With rich experience in HV and LV Design, construction and commissioning, he used to be an EE in SIPPR.



SRON has deep technology cooperation with Design and Research Academy of Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou Design Institute of China National Grain Reserve Bureau, Henan University of Technology. And we routinely dispatch our engineers to study the most advanced technology in USA and Germany. SRON never stop technology research and innovation, which ensures our respected reputation of being industry leader.

  • Henan University of Technology Design And Research Academy

  • State Administration of Grain

  • Henan University of Technology

  • China Grain Reserves Corporation