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Engineers Team

SRON spend the most effort to find the best talents engineers, most of our engineers have rich experience working in Leading Design Institute in grain storage industry.
Start from primary project feasibility study, project configurations, land buying, financial work and ends at project building and operation, our engineers and people be with you to provide the matching solutions and advise.
As per requirement, SRON can work for your single equipment, or EPC solution of whole project.

  • Peter Wen

    Chief Engineer

    Verify of project solution for structure, flow design, electrician and mechanical

    National Grade One Senior Enginee

  • Jim Lee

    Chief Flow Engineer

    7 years experience in silo system industry

    National Grade One Senior Engineer

  • Hongyu Zheng

    Chief Structure Engineer

    SAAP2000, STAAD Pro, PKPM, Master Degree of Civil Engineering

    Grade Two Structure Engineer

  • jiujun Liu

    Chief Civil Engineer

    Master Degree of Civil Engineering, Working Experience in Civil Engineering for Silo, Building, Tower, Bridge

    National Grade One Senior Engineer

  • Angel Wang

    Chief Electrician Engineer

    Master Degree of Electric Engineering

    Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering

  • Jackie Chen

    Project Manager

    4 years experience of site working for steel silo

    Grade One Construction Engineer


SRON has deep technology cooperation with Design and Research Academy of Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou Design Institute of China National Grain Reserve Bureau, Henan University of Technology. And we routinely dispatch our engineers to study the most advanced technology in USA and Germany. SRON never stop technology research and innovation, which ensures our respected reputation of being industry leader.

  • Henan University of Technology Design And Research Academy

  • State Administration of Grain

  • Henan University of Technology

  • China Grain Reserves Corporation