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Food Processing Plant

Food Processing Plant

  • Material:Corn, Wheat, Paddy, Raw Oats, Soybean etc.
  • Capacity:100-5000ton
  • Model:Bolt Assembly Hopper/Flat Silo
  • Auxiliary:Pre-Cleaner, Dryer, Bucket Elevator, Conveyor, Ventilation Fan


SRON Cereal Silo Characters:

Raw material silo project usually with pre-cleaning, dryer, buffering system, grain conditioning and ventilation system, keeping grain stable and high quality in silos.

  • The steel silo is just the affiliated part of the grain processing plant, its main task is to store raw materials or finished goods of food processing plants, fully assure the balanced production, reasonable processing technology and stable product quality.
  • The grain inlet and outlet frequency of the raw materials silo and finished grain silo, so the mechanical equipment are mainly loading and unloading, cleaning and weighing.
  • The raw materials silos are mainly bulk grain and with fast turnaround, so the process requires the smooth process, stable equipment and reasonable plant selection.
  • The raw materials silo and finished grain silos storage capacity are generally based on the enterprises production capacity and sales conditions, should ensure that manufacturers 3 to 4 months of processing capacity, at least ensure one week processing capacity.

Cereal Silo Process

Cereal Silo


Cereal Silo Specifications:

100ton 200ton 300ton 500ton 1000ton 1500ton 2000ton 3000ton 5000ton
Silo Bottom Hopper 45 Hopper 45 Hopper 45 Hopper 45 Flat Hopper 45 Flat Hopper 45 Flat Flat Flat Flat
Model TCZK05504 TCZK06406 TCZK TCZK08210 TCK08211 TCZK11011 TCK11012 TCZK12811 TCK12813 TCZK13715 TCK13716 TCK19219
Diameter(m) 5.5 6.417 7.334 8.25 8.25 11 11 12.834 12.834 13.75 16.5 19.251
Rings 4 6 7 10 11 11 12 11 13 15 16 19
Volume(m3) 142 273 415 718 704 1452 1384 2039 2052 2701 4186 6753

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