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Rice Silos

Rice Silos

  • Material:  Steel Silo
  • Capacity:  200ton-5000ton
  • Model:  Bolt Assembly Flat Silo
  • Auxiliary:  Pre-cleaner, Grain Dryer, Bucket Elevator, Conveyors, Aeration System


Rice Silos Introduction:

Rice Silo-Perfect Storage Solution for Rice or Paddy

SRON offer a cogent storage container for Rice that is less susceptible to the elements like rust and hence lasts longer. Our custom built rice silos are equipped with Airtight Technology which protects the rice from moisture present in the atmosphere. SRON offer Grain Storage system bedecked with Automation systems, Aeration system, and Advanced material handling. Our Rice silos are manufactured considering ISO standards and capable of insect control and grain quality maintenance. These silos are easily accessible at the ground level for cleaning purpose attached with a pressure relief valve.

Rice Silos

Key Features of Rice Silos

1. Rice steel Silos use high quality galvanized sheet,all parts are standard parts, Strictly follow the relevant national standards of silo design,manufacture and installation.

2. Rice Silos height,diameter can be in a wide range of choice,the two position space of two silos can be less than 80cm,less land occupation,well-adapted,the maximum can up to 1000tons/silo,

3. In normal use,if the grain in the warehouse temperature rises o the critical point due to the higher water content ,the temperature and monitoring system will sound and light alarm in time and tell you there is danger in some parts of grain and should be ventilation and cooling

4.Designed to adhere to seismic and soil conditions

5.The special sturdy cross-sectional roof structure

6.Heat Insulation

7.Pest control

Benefits of Rice Silos

Custom Built Design:

We design high-quality rice silos as per the customer requirements where quality standards are maintained as well.

Easier to Unload:

It’s a really burdensome task to unload the grain from a silo evoking grain damage and losses. A rice silo can be equipped with a choice of unloading systems according to the grain and its quantity minimizing the loss.

Efficient Storage:

You can conserve tons of rice in a grain storage silos whereas the storage quantity is limited in conventional storage systems. As it is a vertical storage structure, it requires less ground surface area to save an equal amount of rice as compared to the conventional storage.

SRON Rice Silos Specifications:

  3000ton 5000ton 6000ton 8000ton 10000ton 15000ton
Silo Bottom Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
Model TCK13716 TCK19219 TCK21019 TCK24718 TCK27518 TCK31121
Diameter (m) 16.5 19.251 21.084 24.751 27.501 31.168
Rings 16 19 19 18 18 21
Volume (m3) 4186 6753 8162 10879 13588 15214

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