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Grain Reserve Depot

Grain Reserve Depot

  • Material:Wheat, Corn, Paddy, Soybean
  • Capacity:3000ton-15000ton
  • Model:Bolt Assembly Flat Silo
  • Auxiliary:Pre-cleaner, Grain Dryer, Bucket Elevator, Conveyors, Aeration System


SRON Grain Reserve Depot Silo Project Characters:

National reserved grain storage, ensuring grain safety is the most important.

  • Grain reserve depot should be located key grain production and sales area, in stable production, high commodity rate area.
  • Grain reserve depot should be located in strategic traffic hinge, such as along the railway, always navigable port etc.
  • Long storage time, and low turnover rate. Thus grain safe storage is the Top Priority.
  • Should equip high automatic level loading and unloading equipment, conveyors, weigh scale, pre-cleaners, grain dryer tower etc, to meet large storage capacity.
  • Full automatic grain monitoring system.
  • Aeration system, and grain air chiller is important for low temperature storage, and ensure grain safe storage.
  • Insulation treatment and fumigation system is optional.




Most Popular Silo Model

  3000ton 5000ton 6000ton 8000ton 10000ton 15000ton
Silo Bottom Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
Model TCK13716 TCK19219 TCK21019 TCK24718 TCK27518 TCK31121
Diameter (m) 16.5 19.251 21.084 24.751 27.501 31.168
Rings 16 19 19 18 18 21
Volume (m3) 4186 6753 8162 10879 13588 15214

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