Product Information :
Aeration system is combined with fans and aeration duct, combining with grain monitoring system, can balance inside silo grain temperature timely.
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Product Information

Aeration system can reduce grain temperature and moisture, balance temperature difference between inside and outside silo, control pests growing, control microorganism generation, prevent moisture transferring, prevent moisture condensation and mildew, thus ensure grain safety storage inside silo. 

Common practice is that there is a large hole in the silo top for grain inlet. An additional symmetry a pair of holes on the silo top, exhaust fan set here. Two sets centrifugal fan on the silo bottom for blowing air into the silo. Under-silo equipped with open hole bottom, the cold wind or hot air drying through orifice into the grain heap. Silo ventilation system is extremely beneficial to grain safety. With the silo roof exhaust fan settings, grain temperature inside silo can be lowed down, and upper grain heating and moisture can be dissipated.

Centrifugal Fan Technical Specifications

Model Revolving
Speed (r/min)
Air Flow (m³/h) Full Pressure (Pa) Power (kW)
4-72-4A 2900 4012-7419 2014-1320 5.5
4-72-4.5A 2900 5712-10562 2554-1673 7.5
4-72-5A 2900 7728-15455 3178-2019 15
4-72-6C 2350 10821-21641 3009-1907 18.5
4-72-7C 1800 12521-24038 2406-1506 15-18.5
4-72-8C 1600 17463-32380 2478-1816 22-30

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