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Wood Pellet Silo System Solution Supplier

Wood Pellet Silo For Sale :

Storage Materials: Wood Pellet, Sawdust Pellets, Feed Pellets, etc.

Storage Capacity: 100ton-15000ton

Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Steel Silo, Spiral Steel Silo

Application: Biomass Power Plant, Livestock and Poultry Breeding Industry, etc.

Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom, Hopper Bottom

Wood Pellet Silo For Sale

Brief information of Wood Pellet Silo

Storage Materials: Wood Pellet, Sawdust Pellets, Feed Pellets, etc.
Storage Capacity: 100ton-15000ton
Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Steel Silo, Spiral Steel Silo
Application: Biomass Power Plant, Livestock and Poultry Breeding Industry, etc.
Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom, Hopper Bottom
Auxiliary System: Conveying System, Drying System, Temperature Measuring System, Ventilation System, Automatic Controlling System and Other Supporting Systems.

As a silo manufacturing project company, SRON provides customized and EPC solution services according to different functional needs, site and climate conditions and investment plans of each client's project.

If you are interested in our wood pellet silo system or would like to know specific quote or details, please click here,we will contact with you as soon as possible.

Wood Pellet Silo Introduction

Steel silos are widely used in the storage of wood pellet, sawdust pellet. The steel plates used in producing this kind of steel silo have excellent corrosion resistance and sealing performance, which makes steel silo durable and has good moisture-proof and waterproof performance, which is very suitable for large-scale wood pellet storage.

SRON has over decade years’ experience in the designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of steel silo, used for store wood pellet, sawdust, maize, wheat, etc. Our wood pellet steel silo is known for its light weight, easy maintenance, and solid structure, and can be customized designed in various sizes for clients’ needs.


How to choose a steel silo for wood pellet storage?

Wood pellet storage typically employs either galvanized corrugated steel silos or spiral steel silos (commonly known as Lipp silos). Below, I'll provide an introduction to the characteristics of the 2 types steel silo:

Galvanized Corrugated Steel Silo for Wood Pellet:
The galvanized corrugated steel silo is an advanced storage structure manufactured using highly corrosion-resistant galvanized corrugated sheets. It is characterized by being lightweight, high-strength, and easy to assemble. Its unique design ensures a robust structure and durability. Additionally, it can be equipped with insulation layers based on specific needs, making it particularly suitable for the safe storage of wood pellet particles.

1. On-site Installation
Wood pellet galvanized corrugated steel silos can be assembled directly on site, with fast construction speed and low professional and technical requirements for installers;
2. Thermal Insulation Air-tight Treatment
This silo type can be configured with an insulation layer to create an airtight insulation silo. Because of the flammability of wood pellets as a raw material for energy combustion, if they are stored in silos for a long time in areas with high temperatures, you can consider equipping them with an insulation layer for safety reasons.

3. Low Cost
Compared with concrete silos, steel silos are light in weight and have low requirements on the foundation, so they consume less steel and reduce the basic cost.
4. High Degree of Standardization
SRON bolted steel silo has a high degree of standardization. According to domestic materials, standardization, generalization and serial production can be adopted, and standard parts can be produced and installed on site.
5. Short Construction Period
The assembly of galvanized corrugated assembled steel silos is simple and fast, and all its parts are connected by bolts, thus shortening the construction period.
6. Long Service Life
The maintenance cost of the galvanized corrugated assembled steel silos is low, and the service life is suitable, which can generally reach about 30 years.

Spiral Steel Silo for Wood Pellet
Spiral steel silo also known as Lipp steel silo which is made by spiraling the steel plate with a certain width into the rolling equipment during construction.
The protruding undercut thickness of the spiral silo is 5 times of the original steel plate thickness, which strengthens the structure and the bearing capacity of the silo. The structure of the silo body is integrated without any holes, bolts and screws, so it has good air tightness. In addition, the use of galvanized steel make the silo reach a good corrosion resistance & long service life. 

1. High strength: the inner wall of the silo has vertical reinforcing ribs and transverse spiral undercut ribs, which greatly enhances the strength of the silo and has strong wind, earthquake and snow load resistance;
2. Good sealing performance: the cylinder of the silo is connected by spiral undercut, with excellent sealing performance;

3. Short construction period: silo could be put into use as soon as possible to create benefits for users;
4. Long service life: the cylinder of the silo is made of hot-dip galvanized coil, and the top of the silo is treated by galvanizing process, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
5. Space saving: the distance between the two silos can be as low as 500mm, which can make full use of the space and reduce the floor area.
6. Light weight: the silo has low weight, which greatly reduces the load and cost of the foundation structure.

Precautions when installing and using wood pellet silo

Wood pellet storage requires careful attention to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Such as the dry and cool environment to prevent moisture absorption, Proper ventilation and so on, Optimal storage of wood pellets in steel silos requires meticulous attention to key aspects. To guarantee efficient and safe storage, the following factors should be carefully considered during the installation of a wood pellet steel silo:

Storage Capacity of wood pellet steel silo: Calculate the necessary storage capacity based on anticipated consumption. Select a steel silo with an appropriate capacity to prevent shortages or excess storage.
Silo Design of the wood pellet steel silo: Opt for a hopper silo or bottom silo on structure, considering factors such as shape, construction material, and structural strength. These elements play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of the storage system.
Silo Filling System for the wood pellet silo: Equip the silo with a filling system that safeguards wood pellet integrity. Interior chutes can facilitate gradual wood pellet deposition, preventing free falls from the silo's inlet, which may cause wood pellet breakage.
Thermal Insulation: Install an effective thermal insulation system within the wood pellet steel silo to maintain a consistent temperature. This prevents condensation, safeguarding the quality of the wood pellets sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. 
Adequate Ventilation: Establish proper ventilation inside the wood pellet silo to prevent gas accumulation and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Incorporate ventilation systems that facilitate air circulation, preventing the formation of hot or cold air pockets.
Humidity Control: Maintain a dry environment within the wood pellet silo to preserve wood pellet quality and performance. Monitor and control relative humidity levels to keep them below critical thresholds, preventing pellet degradation.
Extraction System: Implement an efficient extraction system to ensure the smooth discharge of stored pellets. This may involve conveyors, screw augers, or other equipment facilitating obstruction-free transfer to their final destination.
Fire Safety: Due to the flammability of wood pellets, prioritize adequate fire safety measures. Incorporate fire detection and extinguishing systems to safeguard both the silo and stored pellets.

By conscientiously addressing these critical aspects, efficient and secure storage of wood pellets in steel silos can be assured. This approach preserves the quality of the wood pellets, optimizing their utility as a reliable energy source.

Quote for Wood Pellet Silo System

If you are interested in our wood pellet silo or want to know more information about the whole silo storage system, please contact us. You can directly contact with our salesmen and tell us about their needs for wood pellet silos, such as silo type, capacity, the choice of accessories, etc. After understanding your specific needs, our engineers can design the project drawings of the silo for you and discuss any problems that may occur before construction and solve them, and then we can provide you with the most economical and reasonable quotations according to your needs.


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