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Corn Silo Introduction :

Storage Materials: Corn, Maize, Coffee Bean, Flour, Wheat, etc.

Storage Capacity:100ton-15000ton

Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Steel Silo

Application: Corn Processing Plant, Feeding Processing Plant, etc.

Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom, Conical Bottom

Auxiliary System: Pre-cleaner, Corn Dryer Tower, Bucket Elevator, Conveyors, Aeration System, etc.

Corn Silo Introduction

Corn Silo For Sale

Storage Materials: Corn, Maize, Coffee Bean, Flour, Wheat, etc.

Storage Capacity:100ton-15000ton

Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Steel Silo

Application: Corn Processing Plant, Feeding Processing Plant, etc.

Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom, Conical Bottom

Auxiliary System: Pre-cleaner, Corn Dryer Tower, Bucket Elevator, Conveyors, Aeration System, etc.


As a grain silo manufacturing project company with over decade years experiences, SRON provides customized and EPC services according to different functional needs, site and climate conditions and investment plans of each client's project.

If you are interested in our corn silo system or would like to know specific quote or details, please click here,we will contact with you as soon as possible.

Corn Steel Silo Introduction

Galvanized corrugated bolted steel silos are widely used in the storage of corn, maize, flour, rice and other grains, and steel silos can be designed and produced according to the special requirements of clients. This kind of steel plate has excellent corrosion resistance and sealing performance, which makes the silo durable and has good moisture-proof and waterproof performance, which is very suitable for large-scale corn storage.

SRON has 35+ years experience in the designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of corn silo, used for store corn ,maize, wheat, etc. Our corn steel silo is known for its light weight, easy maintenance, and solid structure, and can be customized designed in various sizes for clients’ needs.

Clients can directly contact with our salesmen and tell us about their needs for corn silos, such as silo type, capacity, the choice of accessories, etc. Our engineers can design the project drawings of the silo for them and discuss any problems that may occur before construction and solve them.

Features of SRON Corn Steel Silo

1. Low Cost

Compared with other types of steel silos, corrugated bolted steel silos are light in weight and have low requirements on the foundation, so they consume less steel and reduce the basic cost.

2. On-site Installation

Corn bolted steel silos can be assembled directly on site, with fast construction speed and low technical requirements for installers;

3. Easy Operation 

Bolted steel silo can be disassembled, reassembled and reused; the steel silo is easy to disassemble, easy to maintain, and partly damaged equipment can be replaced.

4. High Degree of Standardization

SRON bolted steel silo has a high degree of standardization. According to domestic materials, standardization, generalization and serial production can be adopted, and standard parts can be produced and installed on site.

5. Short Construction Period

The assembly of bolted steel silo is simple and fast, and all its parts are connected by bolts, thus shortening the construction period.

6. Long Service Life

The maintenance cost of the steel silo is low, and the service life is suitable, which can generally reach about 30 years.

7. Safe Grain Storage

The bolted steel silo is easy to realize mechanization. In the bolted steel silo, it can be conveniently equipped with equipment such as feeding, discharging, cleaning, ventilation, temperature measurement, and detecting the fullness of the silo to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage.


The advantages of our corn silo:

1.Our corn silo material is double side galvanized steel plate

2.Good air-tightness,there’s no need to worry about leaking of the storage material 

3.temperature controlling , DCS controlling , any type of sensor , level indicator can be installed inside the silo. It can be realized real-time monitoring by computer.

Accessories for SRON Corn Storage Silo System:

1. Ventilation SystemThe top of the silo is equipped with natural ventilation windows and induced draft fans, and the bottom of the silo is equipped with a blower to discharge air into the silo for circulation to prevent the grain from getting wet and greatly ensure the quality of the grain in the silo.

2. Temperature and Humidity Measurement System, Grain Situation Monitoring System: Through this system, clients can grasp the temperature and humidity in the storage silo anytime and anywhere, and control the situation in the storage silo.

3. Material Level Monitoring System: The material level gauge can monitor the emptiness of the grain silo. When the grain is about to fill the entire silo, the device sends out an alarm signal to effectively control the grain in the storage silo.

4. Grain Drying System: The key to safe storage of corn is to improve the quality of stored corn and reduce the moisture content of corn. Therefore, the drying of corn before storage is very important, and many manufacturers will choose drying towers to dry corn. Corn drying tower is installed outside the silo. The drying tower consists of a material storage layer, a drying layer, a tempering layer, a cooling section, a grain output mechanism, an emergency grain unloading mechanism, a tower frame, a hot air inlet mechanism, a moisture removal mechanism, a hot air blower mechanism, a cooling blower mechanism, and a supporting motor and other components. It is often used in large-scale grain storage projects.

Corn Silo Parameters


Specification of corn silo:








Silo Bottom














Diameter (m)














Volume (m3)








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