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Coffee Silo System Solution Supplier

Coffee Silo For Sale :

Storage Materials: Coffee Bean, Wheat, Maize, Corn, etc.

Storage Capacity: 100ton-15000ton

Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Bolted Silo

Application: Coffee Storage Plant, Food Processing Plant, Oil Processing Plant, etc.

Coffee Silo For Sale

Coffee Bean Silo

Storage Materials: Coffee Bean, Wheat, Maize, Corn, etc.
Storage Capacity: 100ton-15000ton
Silo Type: Galvanized Corrugated Bolted Silo
Application: Coffee Storage Plant, Food Processing Plant, Oil Processing Plant, etc.
Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom, Hopper Bottom
Auxiliary System: Pre-cleaner, Bucket Elevator, Conveyors, Aeration System, etc.

Nowadays, coffee agribusiness represents the second largest commodity in the world. With increasing tendency, coffee beans are stored in silos instead of bags or big-bags. Several factors justify that tendency: cheaper and safer transport by container trucks, lower cost of containers for export shipment, less labor in handling, greater safety against fire, faster filling and discharge, and elimination of extra expenses due to values not aggregated to the product.

coffee bean silo in Vietnam

As a grain silo manufacturing project company with 35+ years, SRON provides customized and EPC services according to different functional needs, site and climate conditions and investment plans of each client's project.

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Coffee Steel Silo Introduction

Coffee steel silo is known for its light weight, easy maintenance, and solid structure, and can be customized designed in various sizes for clients’ needs. Clients can directly contact our salesmen and tell us about his need for storage silos, such as silo type, capacity, the choice of accessories, etc. Our engineers can design the project drawings of the silo for him and discuss any problems that may occur before construction and solve them.

coffee bean storage silo

Advantages of SRON Coffee Storage Silo

1. Wide Storage

Small land occupation, Capacity of single silo up to 15, 000 tons, high storage height, the storage capacity is 10-20 times of silo with same land area;

2. Light Weight

The weight is only 1/6 of concrete silo, saving construction material and low cost, they are only 70%~80% of the same capacity of the concrete silo;

3. Thermal Insulation Air-tight Treatment

It is convenient to deploy thermal insulation treatment and air-tight treatment, air-tight thermal insulation steel silo is conducive to fumigation and controlled atmosphere storage, and also has good insect and rat proof performance;

4. High Automation

The entire silo system is controlled by a DDG control cabinet or a programmable PLC analog flow chart, and the relevant processes are fully automatic, which can achieve a high degree of mechanization and automation, high production efficiency;

5. Less Investment

20-30% less costs over concrete silos, greatly saving investment. The construction is very fast, the investment return is fast, and the return rate is high.

6. Aerate Storage

It is convenient and more potent to aerate grains in steel silos. Also, the temperature resistant feature helps to achieve the proper grain temperature; therefore you don’t need to maintain temperature via external sources.

7. Safeguarding the Agro-Ecosystems

The Metal Silo, an adequate grain storage facility reducing post harvesting waste due to pests in maize while uplifting smallholder farmers food security in developing countries.

8. Low Grain Residual

Silo stiffeners are external; avoid the problem of grain residual inside silo wall

9. Great After-sales Service

SRON offers free steel silo design, good pre-sale and after-sale service, 24 hours online service.

Coffee Bean Silo System Cases 

SRON 12*500t Coffee Silos Project In Vietnam In 2022

In Early 2022, SRON started the project of 12*500t coffee silos system, which includes the design, delivery and construction of conveying, cleaning, receiving and dispatching, packing and electronic control systems for 12 coffee bean silos.  

Due to the high oil content, short storage period and high quality requirement of coffee, the storage properties of coffee are fully considered in the design of silo systems. We carried out strict monitoring and management on the temperature and humidity inside silo so as to monitor the quality of coffee in real time. At the same time, considering the demands for bag feeding, long-distance transportation and full automation, we solved the problems of material retention, difficulty of maintenance and labor work which may appear during feeding, dust collecting and long-distance transportation.

In the process of delivering goods, SRON set up a project team to cooperate with technical department, engineering department and other departments to ensure the successful completion of design, production, procurement and goods delivery of this project.

delivery for the coffee bean silo system

Our technical engineers have been sticking to the construction site for installation guidance and problem solving, at present, the construction of the main silo of the project has entered the final stage, and the commissioning of related equipment and the trial operation of the entire system are in progress.

coffee bean silo construction

Coffee Silo Parameters

coffee silo parameters

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