• Material:Wheat flour, Bran, Semolina etc.
  • Capacity:50-200ton
  • Model:Welding Type Hopper Silo
  • Auxiliary:Pre-Cleaner, Dryer, Bucket Elevator, Conveyor, Ventilation Fan
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SRON Flour Silo Characters:

Flour silo mainly applied to wheat-flour processing plant, to store processed flour, semolina etc., with effective dust-collecting, discharging system, bagging system etc.

  • The flour silo is with limited capacity because of the particularity of the material, the flour silo height-diameter ratio is large, cover small area, it is general built indoor, and adopt the pneumatic transmission for grain feeding and vibrating discharger for grain discharging.
  • The steel silo requires strict measure for dust-collecting, explosion-proof, fire prevention, prevent caking and hanging wall.
  • The flour silo requires short storage time and rapid turn-over cycle.
  • The silo system is controlled by the computer management system, including PC service stations, PC workstations; achieve modernization management, with high degree of automation, high efficiency, rapid income etc.




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