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High Galvanization Steel Plate

Production Information :
Galvanization treatment is one of the most poplular anti corrossion treatment for its high performance and cost effective.

Production Information

galvanized steel silo Information

Galvanization treatment is one of the popular anti-corrosion treatments for its high performance and cost effective.
In nature environment, the most offen happened corrosion type is electrochemical corrosion, When the electrochemical corrosion happens, the galvanization layer will function as positive plate, to reach the purpose of protect the steel plate.Further, due to the reaction of zinc and oxygen, a zinc oxide layer will appear on the surface of the plate, and which is dense and inertia. The layer will obviously extend the life span of the steel plate.

High galvanization steel means the steel plate which galvanization is larger than 275g/m2. Such as 350/430/500/600 g/m2.  Usually apply to port project, high humidity mountain area, industrial air pollution area and some acid rain happens region.

We SRON adopt high quality high strength galvanized steel plate which is imported from Korea POSCO steel.
galvanized steel silo

A high quality Galvanized Steel Silo has following features:

1. Surface is smooth and flat, no defact such as crease or sunken.

2. Zinc content is high purity. No black spot.


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