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Grain Monitoring System

Production Information :
Grain monitoring system is the basis of grain safety system, with the monitoring data, you can decide to take what kind of measures.

Production Information

The temperature inside silo will rise after a period of time naturally. Impurities, dust, especially organic impurities will also seriously affect grain storage environment and cause problems of heat and temperature rising. So the silo inside temperature, moisture monitoring and aeration system is very important. SORN owns a complete technology of grain temperature and moisture monitoring, silo aeration system, to ensure grain safe storage inside SRON steel silo.
Grain Monitoring Systems


\Micro-sensors are put on high quality wire ropes, probes located on sensor ropes are usually 2.5m, but the distance can be changed according to the type of grain storage. Wire rope is coated with polyethylene insulation. Reports and visualization of data coming from all heat control lined are made via PLC screen control panel. Sensor cables hanging on silo roof with special apparatus. Silo number, sensor line number, position and temperature of the sensor can easily and actively be observed on the screen. If desired, ventilation system is added to the system. This system is automatic. It is an automation system in which thermal control data coming from the system according to temperature and humidity data of the environment are compiled at a certain rate and the software is activated according to the resulting data.

Grain Silo Temperature Monitoring System


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