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Grain Low Temperature Storage Technology

Dec.09, 2017Keywords:Grain/ Paddy Low Temperature Storage Used for Steel Grain Silo

 Low temperature storage is a normal technology which usually use of natural or artificial low temperature cold source, reduce the storage temperature, and the heat insulation measures, prolong the grain temperature, to ensure that food during storage at low temperature to maintain the state, increase the stability.

Low temperature grain storage includes low temperature grain storage and quasi- low temperature grain storage. According to the standard of China, the low temperature grain storage refers to the way that the average temperature of the stored grain is below 15 C and the maximum grain temperature is below 20 C. The quasi low temperature grain storage refers to the storage method of the average temperature of the stored grain below 20 C and the local maximum grain temperature below 25 C.

After a long period of practice and research, below 15 C is the ideal temperature of grain storage at low temperature. In this temperature condition, Not only effectively inhibited the breeding of stored grain pests and mites, but also the harm of microorganism, avoid or reduce the use of chemical agents, maintaining grain health, reduce the pollution of chemicals to the atmosphere and the environment, reduce the chemical residue which do harm to the human body. It also inhibited the respiration of grain itself, reduced the natural decrement loss, reduced the loss of nutrition, delayed the deterioration of grain quality, maintained the grain weight and quality of grain storage, and improved the stability of grain out of the warehouse.

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