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Steel Storage Silo Grain Spontaneous Combustion Reason Analysis

Oct.29, 2018Keywords:Steel Silo,Grain Storage,Grain Spontaneous Combustion

 1- In the storage process, grain itself has high moisture content, bulk grain will produce heat.

Before feeding into silo, the high moisture content grain has not been dried, then directly feed into silo. During storage, especially in the hot and humid summer season, the respiration of grain itself increases, and the grain will produce a lot of heat. When the heat reaches the point of food ignition, smoldering occurs. Under certain conditions, smolder can be converted into flame combustion. 

2- Pests and microorganism generation

When the temperature and humidity of the grain pile reached a certain level, the pests attached to the grain began to multiply. When the insect bites the grain, it will produce a lot of chaff and powder, which will clog the space between the grain, seriously affect the air circulation and heat dissipation, and easily cause the temperature rise of grain heap. When the heat reaches the point of food ignition, smoldering occurs. Under certain conditions, smolder can be converted into flame combustion.

3- Large organic impurities in grain pile

The large number of impurities will result in a smaller porosity of the grain heap, which will affect the air movement of the grain heap. Moreover, microorganisms are easy to ferment, which provides convenient conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms and pests, so as to increase the temperature of grain and cause fever. 

4- Automatic grading when feeding into silo

In the storage process, materials of different types and different qualities are naturally classified inside silo, forming a large number of light impurities and accumulation areas of imperfect grains. These accumulation areas have high water content, great hygroscopic property, and vigorous physiological activities, which are easy to make grain return to moisture, cause moisture and heat accumulation, and cause the breeding of pests and microorganisms. The concentration area of impurities has small porosity and high mechanical ventilation resistance, which may cause grain heating.

5- Under the influence of seasonal atmospheric temperature, grain heaps will also heat up.

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