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The importance of technological design of grain storage from the perspective of storage

Oct.09, 2018Keywords:grain silo system process, grain storage safety

 Vertical silo has advantages of large storage capacity, land occupy are small, high mechanization degree, save manpower, work efficiency is high, after eighty generations, vertical silos in our country, especially in large and medium cities and coastal port city get rapid development and application of food system also gradually changed the silo for interim positions or short-term storage situation, only using range also gradually from the ports entrepot storage and processing factory expands to stockpile for original materials storehouse, the proportion of the grain storage silos increase year by year, has become a major grain storehouse type, and plays a more and more important role in the production. In architectural design of silo, however, due to more pay attention to the transfer function of silo and in and out of food, while ignoring and the combination of grain storage technology, makes the built in silo, the lack of necessary storage facilities, combined with long-term storage food is given priority to with room type in our country, the lack of cylinder storage food experience, that exist in the actual process of grain storage silos, such as grain storehouse automatic classification is severe, silo ventilation cooling, fumigation insecticidal, tube damaged a series of problems, such as facilities, affect the stability of the cylinder storage grain and used in the promotion of silos. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the importance of the technological design in the process of grain storage.

1. The importance of adding ventilation cooling device

Ventilation cooling is an important means to maintain the stability of the silo. Generally, the diameter of silo is small and the barrel wall is thin. The grain in the barrel is easily affected by environmental temperature and humidity. When the outside temperature drops in autumn, the temperature of the inside grain remains at a high level. If the heat is not dropped and dispersed in time, the moisture diffusion will cause dew on the surface layer and near the wall of the barrel, and then heat, germination, and mildew, resulting in grain loss. This phenomenon is more serious in silo than in silo. A grain depot can't work normally because of the ventilation system, in the autumn and winter can't timely ventilation cooling, leading to damp and hot accumulate, the ten silos within the food condensation, fever, grain temperature as high as  above, causes some grain germination and mildew bad food tens of millions of kilogram. Due to the lack of ventilation system, some flour mill was worried about the bad grain in the silo. It was idle for half a year every year, resulting in unnecessary waste. If the silo is equipped with a ventilation system, the accumulated heat in the grain storage can be removed by phase-wise ventilation and cooling, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the grain storage can be reduced to prevent moisture transfer in the grain storage due to moisture diffusion in the grain storage, thus improving the stability of grain storage.

When the stored grain is heated, the silo system can be used as an emergency measure to carry out the silo inversion, this will reduce the temperature of grain during the process, but it cannot solve the fundamental problem of heating. Because did not eliminate the hidden danger of fever, after that the grain temperature will rise quickly. In addition, it is economically uneconomical to carry out the storehouse emptying over and over again. Each storehouse emptying costs one yuan per ton of grain only for electricity, while ventilation and cooling measures can save one third of the cost compared with mechanical storehouse emptying.

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