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Paddy Storage Technology

Sep.22, 2013Keywords:Paddy, Paddy Storage, Paddy Storage Technology

Paddy Rice Storage Characteristics
Paddy rice’s complete husk can reduce mildew insect and moisture absorption, and be stable in silo. Under normal storage conditions, the new paddy rice physiological and breath activity is strong, then gradually stable, storage time no more than three years.
1.Easy aging
High temperature has a big influence on paddy quality, and obviously being aging after a high temperature season, germination rate and viscosity decrease, fatty acid value increases. Thus low temperature storage, and first in first out are important for paddy rice safe storage.
2.Easy to fever mildew
New harvest paddy rice physiological activity is strong, and its heat is accumulated inside silo. The temperature of upper paddy bulk will suddenly rise within 1-2 weeks, even high than silo temperature 10-15℃. In the seasons change, surface high temperature of paddy bulk will cause moisture layering, dewing and molding on the surface. Most microbes which harm to paddy rice is warm, breed and grow fast in 20-25℃. Under 10 ℃ environmental conditions can inhibit its growth.
3.Breeds insect
There are no less than 20 kinds insects harm for paddy storage, notably such as maize weevil, Grain borers, silvanidae, sitotroga cerealella, plodia interpunctella is more serious. The insects will move with the season change, move to the upper in the high temperature season, and to the middle and lower in the cold season.
4.Easy germination and mildew
The physiological after-ripening period is short, and its embryo development has been completed in the field mature. Thus so long as the moisture reach to 23%, and in good ventilation conditions, germinate easily.
5.Easy yellowing
High temperature and moisture will cause paddy rice yellow.

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