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Silo Aeration System Technical Points

Mar.27, 2021Keywords:aeration, centrifugal fan, axial flow fan

Mechanical Aeration System should be consisted of: silo roof aeration hole, silo bottom aeration hole, aeration fans, aeration pipes etc.

1- Silo top aeration fan should be axial flow fan, should equip waterproof, prevent from birds, prevent air recirculation device etc.

2- Mobile centrifugal fan will be better for silo bottom aeration.

3- The exhausting capacity should not be smaller than blowing capacity.

4- Aeration pipe layout should be reasonable, proportion of airflow should be smaller than 1.3

5- Inside silo aeration pipe hole size should be 25%-35% of grain particle. Hole type should prevent grain particle to enter.

6- Aeration pipe should bear grain pressure and equipment pressure.

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