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Safety and Solid Silo Structure

Three principles for safe silo structure design: Safe and reliable, advanced technology, economical and reasonable.
Design lifespan of steel silo should be not less than 25 years.

For sturdy steel silo structure, we consider the following in the design:

  • Permanent loads: Include weight load of silo structure, fixtures and silo inside hanging sensor cable weight etc.
  • Variable load: include load weight of silo top and the construction on it, snow load, wind load etc.
  • Stored grain load: include the pressure load of grain to the silo body and to the inside hanging sensor cables.
  • Environment action: overall considering aspects of earthquake, land structure, temperature change, moisture etc.

SILO system is high load pressure safety structure. SRON silos are designed with thorough consideration of silo fixed load and live load of material load, and silo top equipment pressure, silo vertical pressure, horizontal tension and wearing down and the extreme condition load pressure from seismic, heavy snow disaster, wind pressure ect. , to ensure the silo has more than 25 years and no falling and damage to human being.

According to the material condition and the real data of seismic grade, wind speed ect at customer local, SRON engineer will design the most scientific silo structure and silo configuration of plate thickness, stiffener, ect.
Also we own technical software to test the design.

  • Grain pressure to silo structure

  • Vertical pressure to the silo wall under earthquake

  • Silo wall structure, steel sheet and stiffeners thickness design