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Construction Record of "Vietnam 6x500T Coffee Bean Steel Silos Storage System Project" by SRON

Jun.20, 2024Keywords: Construction Record of SRON

     Recently, the project of 6x500T coffee bean steel silos storage system in Vietnam, which was constructed by SRON, entered into the full construction stage.
     The project is a Phase II new construction project of 6×500t coffee bean silo Phase II, with a single silo capacity of 500t and a total silo capacity of 3,000t, and the storage material is coffee bean. The project is divided into feeding from bag cutting machine, bag cutting, lifting, conveying, into the silo, out of the silo, into the workshop and electronic control system. The system reserves the position of 6 identical steel silos and equipment interface, which is convenient for later expansion. At the same time, in order to effectively control the quality of storage materials, our company has equipped mechanical ventilation system and temperature measurement system in this storage system, which is convenient for the owner to check the status of materials and control the quality of materials at any time.
     Since the start of the project, our company has strictly implemented the engineering construction standards, and before the construction, we have conducted safety training, Grade Three safety education, technical briefing for all construction personnel, conducted measurement and review of the foundation embedded parts and completed the handover of the foundation embedded parts. In the construction process of the project, our construction team strictly follows the construction quality requirements, and conducts quality inspection on all inspection lots and passes them before continuing the construction. In addition, in order to ensure safe and civilized construction, the project site organizes and holds a safety morning meeting every day to carry out safety education and safety summaries, and makes every effort to ensure the safety and stability of construction and the smooth implementation of the project.
     Up to now, under the premise of ensuring project quality and construction safety, our construction team has completed the installation of 3 steel silos, and is carrying out the installation works of No.4, No.5 and No.6 steel silos, which has completed 40% of the total construction progress, and is about 10 days ahead of the actual construction progress, which has gained a high degree of recognition from the owner side.In the future, SRON will continue to control the quality of personnel, source quality, on-site control, process conversion, to ensure high quality and efficient performance, to the owners to hand over a satisfactory answer.

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