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Accumulate Strength and Forge Ahead︱Various Projects of SRON Officially Start Construction

May.29, 2024Keywords: Projects of SRON Start Construction

     Recently, good news has continued to come from many key projects undertaken by Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. 2x7,000 t cement silos system in Mongolia, 6x500T coffee bean steel silos storage system project in Vietnam, and POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC) construction stone mine silos project in Sanya have started in an orderly manner and officially entered the construction stage.
     Mongolia-2x7,000 t Cement Silos System
     This project covers spiral folded steel silo, pneumatic conveying equipment, bucket elevators, air slides, radar level gauges, bulk machines, truck scales, electrical control systems, etc. In order to ensure that the structural safety design of the project meets the extremely cold climate conditions in Mongolia (minus 40 degrees in winter), our company selected low-temperature-resistant materials and took measures such as auxiliary heating of equipment.
     Vietnam-6x500T Coffee Bean Steel Silos Storage System Project 
     This project is the phase Ⅱ of Vietnam coffee bean silo project, which includes the design, manufacture and construction of 6 silos of 500 tons each and their supporting systems such as conveying, automatic bag cutting, electric control and so on. In the phase Ⅰ of the project, our company won the owner's high recognition by virtue of the exquisite craftsmanship and first-class service quality, and carried out the phase Ⅱ of the project with our company.


     POWERCHINA HDEC Sanya - Construction Stone Mine Silos Project
     The project covers 8 silos, 4 in each row, and the finished aggregates are sent to the belt conveyor equipped with a plow discharge trolley at the top of the silo through a belt conveyor, and then the materials are unloaded to the steel silo to ensure the smooth transportation of stone.

     Over the years, SRON insists on high-quality performance and quality construction, and has contributed a large number of high-quality engineering projects to the field of bulk material storage and transportation at home and abroad. In the future, SRON will continue to adhere to the core values of "Achieve Clients' success, Lead the technology, People first, Build for values, Practical and progressive", strictly implement the work requirements of owners and supervisors, scientifically organize construction, strengthen safety and quality and improve craftsmanship to effectively promote the project to land early, rapid construction, stable completion, and quickly achieve results.

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