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Application of Steel Silos in Bulk Storage of Raw Sugar and White Sugar

Sep.14, 2023Keywords:sugar silo, steel silo, grain silo

How to Store White Sugar

Bag Storage
As a finished product, white sugar has always been stored in bags. However, the main disadvantage of this preservation method is that the sugar absorbs moisture and deteriorates, even forms into hard lumps, and is easily contaminated by microorganisms and other foreign matter. In this way, white sugar for direct consumption obviously does not meet food hygiene standards. Moreover, the labor input required in a series of processes such as packaging, warehousing, stacking and discharging is also very huge.
Room Type Warehouse
The cost of building traditional room-type warehouses is low and relatively meets the current production process requirements. However, with the current increasing shortage of land for factories and ports and rising land prices, the need for land for warehouses has undoubtedly become an important consideration.
Steel Silo Storage
Because of its small footprint, high investment recovery efficiency, and high degree of mechanization of the process flow, steel silos are conducive to rapid bulk unloading of sugar, so they have great potential as a silo for sugar storage and transfer.

bolted silo
Introduction to Steel Silo

Steel silo is a storage tool made of bolted, welded or combined steel plates. It consists of a silo roof, a silo body and a silo bottom. Due to the rapid development and increasingly mature technology of grain bulk transportation in recent years, coupled with its own distinct advantages such as large capacity, short construction period, small footprint, wide adaptability, and ease of mechanized production, steel silos are becoming more and more popular in the grain and oil industry.
The use of steel silos to store white sugar can provide long-term, good mechanical ventilation, drying, and airtight conditions, and strict dust removal, explosion-proof, moisture-proof and other measures must be taken to achieve the ideal state of white sugar storage. At the same time, using steel silos to store sugar can also improve work efficiency, standardize work processes, improve corporate management levels, ensure the stability of material storage, and reduce labor input.

sugar silo
Advantages of Using Steel Silos to Store Sugar:

(1) Large storage capacity, small floor space, and the capacity of a single silo can be as high as 15,000t.
(2) According to the temperature and humidity of the sugar stored in the steel silo, the temperature and humidity of the air in the air conditioning system can be controlled, so that the quality of the sugar can be maintained long-term and stable.
(3) Stored in an airtight environment, free from contamination, ensuring food hygiene requirements.
(4) The entry and exit of storage silo are highly mechanized and fast, and can be designed according to actual needs.
(5) When the types of materials stored are single or the reserves are small, use independent storage silos or separate rows. When there are many types of materials stored or large reserves, they can be arranged into silo groups to further improve economic benefits.

sugar silo
Sugar Silo Storage System

The purpose of process control for bulk sugar is to ensure that the sugar maintains stable quality standards during long-term storage without absorbing moisture, caking, or contamination. After the sugar is dried, it enters the regulating silo through the sugar conveyor and is evenly distributed through the sugar distributor. The sugar moves from top to bottom in the silo. An air distribution device is installed at the bottom of the silo to ensure uniform contact between the dehumidified cold air and the sugar to ensure the curing effect, and a powdered sugar collection device is installed at the top.

In addition to the original receiving, drying, in and out of silo, the process design of the steel silo should also include temperature and humidity control systems and ventilation systems. Temperature and humidity control and ventilation and cooling systems are important measures to ensure the safe storage of materials in steel silos. The sensor cable is in contact with the material, and the temperature and humidity of the stored material are displayed and printed by the temperature and humidity detector. According to the display of the temperature and humidity measurement system, the fan is started to exchange heat between cold air and the material to achieve the purpose of cooling and humidification, thereby extending the storage period of materials.

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