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How to ensure the safe storage of paddy in steel silos?

Oct.12, 2023Keywords:paddy silos, grain silo, drying tower

Paddy is a variety of grain that is difficult to store, and the moisture level of paddy is closely related to its storage stability. During the actual collection and storage process, many factors such as harvest season, weather, and market often lead to yellowing, condensation, mildew and other phenomena. Therefore, the precipitation and temperature control of high-moisture paddy are the prerequisite and foundation to ensure good storage and quality of paddy. Our grain silo ventilation system is complete, and the temperature measurement system can be used to understand the storage temperature of materials in the steel silo in a timely manner. It can also timely detect the moisture of materials for the purpose of timely temperature control.

Ventilation System
In high-temperature seasons, a grain cooler should be used to reduce grain temperature, and in low-temperature seasons, mechanical ventilation should be used to reduce grain temperature. The number of mechanical ventilation equipment configured can meet the needs of grain ventilation, and the ventilation equipment meets the standard requirements. Regularly maintain mechanical ventilation equipment, maintain complete maintenance records, and keep equipment in good operating condition.

Low-temperature Storage System
Low-temperature storage systems are used to store grain at low temperatures. Low-temperature treatment can prevent the loss of dry matter and damage from insects and mildew. Mechanical ventilation uses a ventilator to forcefully press outside air into the grain pile to perform gas exchange to achieve the purpose of cooling and humidification. Mechanical ventilation cools down quickly, with a large amplitude, is easy to operate, and saves labor. Grain coolers can also be used for low-temperature grain storage. The grain cooler implements graded cooling, and air volume, wind speed adjustment devices, main cooler and auxiliary cooler can ensure stable air volume under all climate conditions (rain, fog, cold, heat). By treating with low temperatures, loss of dry matter and damage caused by mold and mildew can be prevented.

Grain Condition Testing Equipment
The installation of grain condition detection equipment in steel silos meets the requirements, and computers are used to detect grain condition data to ensure accurate detection data. Regularly inspect and maintain grain condition detection equipment, calibrate temperature and humidity sensors, and ensure that grain condition detection equipment operates normally.

Fumigation System
For long-term storage of grain, the fumigation system is an important preparation for solving emergency problems of grain diseases and pests. Our circulating fumigation system consists of air flow fans (explosion-proof), circulation pipes, gas distributors, etc. Circulation fans force the phosphine gas to flow through the pipeline loop in the silo, so that the phosphine gas is evenly distributed in the grain pile.

Drying Tower
Grain drying towers are often used for large-scale grain storage and are suitable for drying high-quality grains such as rice, sorghum, soybeans, corn, and wheat. With the drying tower, grain manufacturers no longer have to worry about grain drying. If the grain is not dried to a certain extent and stored in the grain silo, it will cause the grain to become moldy and deteriorate, reducing its economic value. At the same time, the combination of the drying tower and grain silo can realize modern grain storage operations, realize the mechanization of the entire process of grain "planting-plant protection-harvesting-drying-warehousing", and improve the economic benefits of grain.

Storage Management
The height of the grain pile should not exceed the designed grain loading line of the steel silo, and the grain surface should be kept flat after entering the silo. During storage, protective agents that comply with specifications should be used to prevent insect damage and mildew.

SRON paddy storage silo system uses drying towers, grain coolers, ventilation equipment and other auxiliary equipment to ensure the safe storage of paddy. If you are interested in our paddy storage silo system, please contact us.

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