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Fumigation System

Product Information :
For long time storage, fumigation system is important preparation to solve grain emergency problem of disease and insect pests.

Product Information

Grain storage must considers all might be extreme problems and arrange measurements and preparations in advance to maximum avoid the grain risk and ensure grain safety.

It is a problem that there happens insect, heat and mould problem during grain long time storage especially passing seasons that have big temperature difference, by problem of grain automatic grading, poor ventilation or poor cooling.

Our circulation fumigation system consists of air flow fan (explosion proof), the circulation pipe, a gas distributor etc. Circulation fan forces phosphine gas flowing through a pipe loop in the silo so that phosphine gas can be distributed evenly through grain heap.

Technical Specifications

Insect species Temperature
Airtight Time
14 days 21 days 28 days
Sensitive insects: maize weevil,
latheticus oryzae,
confused flour beetle etc.
>25 200 150 100
20~25 250 200 150
15~20 - 250 200
Drug-fast insects: Rhizopertha dominica,
rice weevil, cryptolestes turcicus,
Tribolium castaneum, phalaenae etc.
>25 300 250 200
20~25 350 300 250
15~20 - 350 300

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