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How to Ensure the Safe Storage of Grain in Grain Silos?

Nov.08, 2023Keywords:Safe Storage of Grain, Grain Silo System, Steel Silo

Grain crops such as wheat, corn, and flour are the main food sources for humans and have great nutritional and economic value. Therefore, it is necessary to store grain safely. In order to ensure the quantity, quality and storage safety of grain, and to promote the development of grain storage facility construction and storage management, SRON follows the following requirements when designing and constructing grain silo systems.

General Requirements:
The grain silo should have good structural properties such as silo insulation and air tightness, use energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials, and be equipped with advanced and applicable green grain storage technologies and processes, environmentally friendly and efficient incoming and outgoing storage silo and cleaning facilities and equipment, and adopt information technology , intelligent equipment to achieve stable and controllable grain conditions during storage, promote the quality and freshness of grain, and ensure long-term storage and freshness.

Silo Storage:
1.On the premise of meeting the quality requirements for grain storage, priority is given to steel silos with high mechanization and automation, small floor space, and good air-tightness.
2.The grain loading height of silo should be comprehensively determined based on factors such as structural safety, grain storage safety, entry and exit technology of silo, project cost, and operating safety.
3.Take effective thermal insulation measures according to different grain storage environments to prevent condensation on the inner surface of the silo enclosure structure.
4.The air tightness of the silo should meet or exceed the requirements of relevant standards. The silo roof, silo body, equipment holes and joints should be sealed and airtight using materials with good environmental protection and weather resistance.

Related Auxiliary Systems:
1.According to the different methods of receiving grain such as cars, trains, ships, etc., determine the process and equipment to meet the requirements for loss reduction and ensure efficient and smooth operations, personnel safety, and environmental friendliness.
2.The grain unloading and receiving operation should be equipped with an automatic unloading truck (ship) system to meet the requirements of different modes of receiving and unloading operations. Grain distribution operations should meet quantitative distribution requirements. Dust suppression equipment or dust suppression measures should be taken when charging and discharging the silo.
3.The conveying equipment should meet the requirements of low breakage and easy maintenance, the fixed conveying equipment should meet the fully enclosed requirements, and the mobile conveying equipment should adopt sealing measures;

grain silo system
4.It should be equipped with a ventilation and dust removal system, and set up dust explosion-proof, shock-absorbing and noise-reducing facilities;
5.The grain condition measurement and control system should have the function of detecting the temperature and humidity in the silo and the grain pile.
6.Intelligent ventilation should have temperature control and humidity adjustment functions.
7.Green comprehensive prevention and control of harmful organisms should use green control technologies or biological agents such as intelligent nitrogen controlled atmosphere, carbon dioxide controlled atmosphere, inert powder, spinosad, trapping, etc. to reduce or eliminate the use of chemical agents.

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