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Why Use SRON Grain Bolted Silo System to Store Flour?

Nov.23, 2023Keywords:Bolted Silo, Flour Silo System, Grain Storage Silo

Flour is a powder made by grinding raw grains, legumes, etc., and is used to make many different foods. Flour needs to be stored in a ventilated place with low humidity. The ideal storage temperature is 18℃-24℃ to keep the environment clean and reduce the breeding of pests and the reproduction of microorganisms. The use of steel silos to store flour can provide long-term mechanical ventilation and provide dry and closed conditions. It also has strict dust removal, explosion-proof and other measures to achieve the ideal state of flour storage.

flour silo
Advantages of SRON Flour Silo

Excellent air tightness: SRON uses an bolted and welded steel silo. On the basis of the bolted silo, the grooves at the flange connections in the silo are filled with electric welding and then smoothed and sprayed with food-grade resin paint. This ensures the air-tightness of the steel silo, at the same time, the inner surface of the silo is very smooth and flat with no blind angles, ensuring that there is no residue when discharging the steel silo.

Fast Construction Progress and Low Cost: The bolted silo is easy and fast to install. The grooves in the silo are welded at the same time as the silo is being assembled, which greatly improves the overall construction progress. The inner wall of the silo is spray-painted with food-grade resin paint, which not only ensures the safety of flour storage, but also significantly reduces manufacturing costs compared to other types of silos, such as stainless steel silos and concrete silos.

flour silo system
High Degree of Mechanization: The flour bolted steel silo stores bulk flour. The material is fed by pipeline air for entering the flour silo, and the material is discharged by vibrating type when leaving the silo. At the same time, the silo is equipped with material level measurement and material weight measurement. Intelligent transportation and storage greatly reduce labor costs.

SRON Flour Silo Project Construction Process

Pre-construction: SRON technical engineers prepare project construction organization design, including: project overview, construction deployment and construction plan, construction progress plan, construction floor plan, and main technical and economic indicators.

After Entering the Site: The SRON project manager conducted safety training and safety education for all construction personnel, explained the danger sources and equipment operation precautions during the construction process, and explained the installation process, installation methods and installation precautions for steel silos and other equipment.

grain silo storage
During Construction: During the installation process of the steel silo, the SRON project manager carefully inspected every work, including: measurement, calibration and adjustment of the foundation embedded parts, installation steps and methods of the steel silo, bolt torque detection of the steel structure, welding quality inspection, spray paint quality and thickness inspection, implementation of construction safety measures and regular safety inspections, etc.

After the Project is Completed: The SRON project manager will ask clients to carry out the project acceptance work. At the same time, our electrical engineers will debug and train all equipment to ensure the safe operation of the flour silo storage system. It is SRON's pursuit and philosophy to ensure that every part of the project meets the owner's satisfaction.

grain steel silo
SRON flour storage silo system has been recognized by many owners and has been put into use. If you are interested in our flour storage silo system, please contact us.

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