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Maize Storage Technology

Oct.20, 2015Keywords:Maize, ,Maize Storage, Maize Storage Technology

Storage Features:
Corn germ is big, which contains a lot of protein and soluble sugar and have stronger hygroscopicity, breathing intensity. Experiments have shown that the respiration intensity of normal corn is 10 times larger than normal wheat. corn is not suitable for storing in high temperature environment, The vigor of enzyme in seed will enhance when the temperature is around 30 ℃, at the same time, breath will become exuberant, will consume dry matter and release a large amount of heat, which will accelerate the quality deterioration. Due to the germ of corn contains more than 80% of fat of the whole grain, the germ is easy to become rancidity, at the same, the corn germ is suitable for the accelerate growth and reproduction of optimum mold, and it’s also easy to be effect by the harm of common pests such as corn, otani stolen, red grain beetle, miscellaneous grain beetle, saw grain beetle, rust red flat grain beetle, wheat moth and India moth etc.

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