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Soybean Storage Technology

Nov.13, 2014Keywords:Soybean, Soybean Storage, Soybean Storage Technology

Storage Characters:
1.High moisture content, poor storage stability
Soybean oil content big determines its safety storage moisture, the higher oil content, the lower safety storage moisture. Soybean safety storage moisture (critical moisture) = 15% multiply the non-fat fraction of soybeans. Example: 20% oil content of soybeans, the theoretical value of the safety moisture is 12%.
2.Strong hygroscopicity, easy heated and moldy
Usually the soybean gets moldy after the hygroscopicity, and mainly happens in the grain bulk bottom or upper. Bottom moldy usually are caused by hygroscopicity, upper moldy usually are caused by condensation, depth not exceed 30cm. The common phenomenon of soybean mold, occurred in the moisture, the lower or upper grain pile is the most common, mainly from the lower moisture, the upper mainly from the condensation, the depth is generally not more than 30cm.
3.Poor temperature resistant performance , easy to deterioration of quality
high temperature will cause soybean protein denaturation, lipolysis, etc. these changes will much low down soybean appearance quality and intrinsic quality, thus have a negative impact on its value.
4.Long time physiological afterripening period, easy to "sweat", "chaos temperature"
In the early storage, create high-temperature, dry, well-ventilated environmental storage conditions, or dry it by sun or grain dryer to speed up the process of its afterripening.
5.Easy to precipitate out of oil, cotyledon easy to "become red"
Practice has proved that: 13% moisture content of soybeans are put into silo in summer high temperature, when the soybean bulk temperature reaches 25 ℃ , immersion oil and red change will occur; if not with cooling treatment, 3 months later , oil immersion and red grain can reach more than 60% for the Soybean bulk surface and in the upper center of the soybean, grain middle layer can also be about 20%. 6.Anti-worm erosion ability, less susceptible for pest erosion.
In addition to the possible emergence of India moth, Mediterranean moth and powdery moth damage when storage.

Storage Technology:
1.Common storage
Dry and remove miscellaneous impurities, ventilation cooling, moisture and prevent pest infection, etc., and strengthen the inspection to find problems in time.
2. Make the soybean be dry
Soybean moisture in 12.5% ​​is safety, 12.5% ​​-13.5% is semi-safe, 13.5% or more is unsafe, if the moisture more than 14%, the storage period of fatty acid value increased rapidly.
3. Remove impurities
Clean weeds, leaves, feces and other perishable which may increase the moisture content.
4. Pest control.
5. Timely ventilation.

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