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Take Care When Your Store Feed in Silo

Aug.13, 2017Keywords:feed storage silo, small hopper silo

The scientific storage method of the purchased feed can not only reduce the number of losses, the more important is that can avoid the deterioration, rot and nutrient loss of feed, so as to effectively improve the feed use value.

1. Contorl mositure content, low temperature storage. In the storage process, suffering from the high temperature and high humidity is the main reason for causing mildew. Because the high temperature and high humidity not only can stimulate the activity of the lipase, amylase, protease and other hydrolase, speed up the hydrolysis rate and promote the reproduction and growth of the organism, stored grain pest and harmful organism, then produce al lot of hot and humid and lead to fever and mildew of the feed. Therefore, the storage of feed in the normal temperature warehouse requires the relative humidity of the air below 7O%. The moisture content of the feed should not exceed l2.5%. If the ambient temperature can be controlled below 15 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled below 80%, the feed can be stored longer.

2.  Mildew proof and bacteria removal to avoid deterioration. It is prone for feed to mildew during the storage, transportation, sales and use. A number of mildew not only can consume and decompose the nutritive material of the feed, so the quality of the feed will be reduced and the remuneration will be reduced, and it can cause livestock to get diarrhea and enteritis. If serious, it can cause death. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the problem of mildew prevention and sterilization of feed. Practice has proved that in addition to improving the storage environment, the most effective way to extend the quality guarantee period of the feed is to take physical or chemical means to mildew prevention and bacteria removal, such as adding mildew agents in feed.

3.  In short, the assorted feed should be stored in the place where are low temperature, dry, protect form light and clean, and according to the period of validity stipulated in the product specification of the feed to decide a new time. The storage period of general granular feed is 1~ 3 months, the storage period of the powdered compound feed should not exceed 10 days, The storage period of powder concentrated feed and premix feed was 3~4 weeks and 3~6 months because of adding proper amount of antioxidants.


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