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Bucket Elevator Buckets’ Material Selection

Aug.15, 2017Keywords:Bucket Elevator Buckets

 Usually we have 7 kinds buckets material, their performance and characters as below:

bucket material form

Carbon Steel: It is suitable for pormoting sharp and high bulk density material or high temperature environment.

Stainless Steel: Better food satety, corrosion preventive, high temperature resistance.

Polyethylene HOPE: Suitable for promoting the food and grain material.

Modified Polymer Materail King
: Modified by polymetric compounds, special use material of King series products. It has better abrasion resistance than HPDE, and has higher impact strength than ordinary         nylon.
Nylon: High abraion resistance, good heat resistance. When it is used in the dry or high and cold situation, it can cause the impact resistance reduced of nylon material.

Reinforced Nylon: Have the better shock resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and weather ability than nylon.

Polyurethane: super abrasion resistance.

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