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Mechanical Aeration Principles of Steel Grain Storage Silo System

Aug.13, 2018Keywords:Mechanical Aeration Principles, Paddy Silo Aeration, Corn Silo Aeration

  Principles of Mechanical Aeration:

I. Avoid to reduce grain moisture content:

Choose min air flow with the basis of meet aeration requirements.

As min as possible atmosphere temperature and as high as possible humidity.

Reasonable aeration equipment configuration.

Judge the right time for mechanical aeration.

II. Prevent and handle moisture condensation of grain bulk:

Judge the right aeration condition

The temperature difference between inside and outside grain bulk should be smaller than the temperature difference of moisture condensation.

After aeration, ensure the temperature difference between grain bulk and inside silo temperature is smaller than moisture condensation.

When moisture condensation happens, take measure immediately according to bad grain degree.

When light moisture condensation happens, by nature aeration and continuous aeration to exhaust hot and humidity air.

III. Prevent and handle aeration dead corner:

When design aeration networks, with the basis of meeting aeration requirements, choose small air path ratio system, and equip reasonable equipment.

Use single pipe to handle aeration dead corner.

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