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Steel silo in grain industry

Aug.25, 2018Keywords:grain silo, steel silo, steel silo for grain

 In addition to silos, steel silos also have a corresponding perfect supporting technology. Such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automatic control system, detection equipment, monitoring equipment and technical services.

Grain storage safety

At present, the raw material warehouse of grain enterprises is commonly used in brick silo, thin-walled steel silo and reinforced concrete silo. In the city, as a result of brick masonry silo by the restriction of brick, in addition to a few small plants, large and medium-sized plants are used after silos. Currently, grain enterprises choose more thin-walled steel silos, so the following key introduction of thin-walled steel silos.

In the early stage of development of thin-walled steel silo, due to its thin wall, large internal and external temperature difference, condensation, and insufficient sealing, people are skeptical of its safe grain storage. At the same time, there is a great debate on such issues as the service life of very thin steel plate. Through more than ten years of research, exploration and practice, people have gradually recognized its advantages, and developed the methods to solve the above problems, and determined its application status in granary

At the early stage of application, people thought that the thin-walled steel silo wall was too thin, with large temperature difference and easy to degenerate. Through practice, it is proved that the quality of food will not be affected as long as the management is good. The moisture content of grain entering the storehouse is a very important problem, and the moisture content of grain entering the storehouse should be strictly controlled, generally no more than After the grain enters the storehouse, although because the storehouse wall is thin, the outside temperature is easy to pass into, but the grain is very good adiabatic body, only has the change of grain temperature within the wall. It also absorbs heat quickly and dissipates heat quickly. On a sunny day, the temperature is usually at the highest point in the afternoon, but it will be back to normal . There is a temperature measuring device in the granary, so it is very convenient to test in the control room. Once there is a change in temperature, proper treatment can be made. The steel plate warehouse roof is affected by the outside, the temperature difference is very big, the capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to install exhaust pipe and axial fan on the roof of the warehouse. It is an effective measure to install mechanical ventilation device at the bottom of storehouse, lay ventilation pipe, and use mobile fan to air blast. At present, mobile cooling ventilation device (artificial refrigeration method) has been developed to keep the food under low temperature. Storage temperature is maintained between according to actual needs, cooling power consumption is grain. After mastering the grain ventilation technology, plus some previous grain treatment technologies such as cleaning, screening, grading, air suction and dust removal, as well as a set of mature and complete methods of management, such as the automatic grain turnover system in the storehouse, can make the steel silo safe for grain storage.

Life span

In the past, people only considered the physical life, but not the technical life. Now people's thinking is changing, the product renewal cycle is shortening. The life of the warehouse varies according to use, location and need. Therefore, the thin-walled steel silo can meet the requirements of technical life. In large and medium-sized cities, due to the change of planning, the commercial granaries in the city need to be demolished. Some steel and concrete silo are scrapped by the explosion. In order to prolong the life of thin-walled steel silos, so that the life can reach above, through long-term practice, the standard material is used and the surface of the sheet is treated with double-sided galvanized heat treatment or other coating, which will meet the requirements of service life. The galvanized sheet is pressed into corrugated shape, which can greatly enhance its strength and is strong and durable.


With the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, the output, quality and varieties of steel can meet the requirements of warehousing. The current steel silo is made of raw material has black steel plate, galvanized steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum - Ke plate, composite steel plate, plastic coated steel plate, glass plate for coating, enamel, stainless steel plate, etc., can adapt to different storage material and the storage time and the requirement of use fixed number of year.

Perfect Auxiliary technology

In addition to silos, steel silos also have a corresponding perfect supporting technology. Such as mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automatic control system, detection equipment, monitoring equipment and technical services. Mechanical equipment includes: feed machinery, feed machinery, weighing machinery, cleaning machinery, ventilation machinery, storage equipment. With the above mechanical equipment, the loading, unloading, transportation, cleaning and weighing of granary process can be completed.

As the steel silos are relatively high, many of the roof and tower buildings are open, and some of the top mechanical equipment is installed in the open air. Therefore, it is better to operate the gate valve doors of these high mechanical equipment by remote control. Detection devices must also be fully equipped, and commonly used detection devices include raw food products

Quality quick test device, temperature measurement device, material level, full measurement device, etc.

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