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Several instructions for steel silo maintenance

May.28, 2022Keywords:grain bin, steel silo, grain bin level indicator

Several instructions for steel silo maintenance  

At present, with the development of steel silo, more and more industries use steel silo to storage materials. A good maintenance during its use helps to extend the service life of steel silo to a large extent.
The service life of a steel silo depends on its quality and maintenance. Regularly inspect plates on the top of silo and repair fastening bolts to avoid leakage of feeding hole and plates of platform, and prevent parts of silo from rusting. Regularly check the weld joints of silo and make anti-corrosion treatment if necessary.
Regularly inspect the appearance on process holes (including ventilation hole, manhole, temperature measuring hole etc.) and check whether there is leakage among them. Carefully check support legs and other important parts of silo, and keep inspection record on file. Check silo wall every year and make anti-corrosion treatment on silo wall according to its corrosion situation. 
After a grain bin is emptied, inspect the silo body to see if the silo door is tight and if there are cracks around the silo door, and check the connection between the stiffener and the silo wall. If it is a cone bottom silo, then check the rooting part of silo hopper, and make anti-corrosion or other treatment on the hopper according to inspection results. A grain bin has advantages of light weight, low foundation requirements, small footprint and labor saving. The construction of a grain bin is free from factors such as seasons and climate, so enterprises using grain bin to store materials can quickly obtain outstanding economic benefits.

The detailed characteristics of steel silo are as follows: good overall performance, long service life, good air tightness, wide application, short construction period, low cost, small footprint, easy operation and high strength. Pay attention to the following points in the process of use of grain silo.
Before entering the silo, the grain shall meet the specified quality standards, and the air tightness of silo body shall also meet the specified technical requirements. The junctions of doors, windows, silo roof and silo wall in particular, need to be sealed strictly. Do not store too much grain in a steel silo, otherwise it may block the vent hole on the top of silo. When loading grain, it should not be higher than the top column eaves of the silo so as to ensure that high material level meter is in normal operation. It is necessary to use special bolts, and other bolts cannot be used instead. It is necessary to improve the air tightness of both single-layer steel silo and double-layer steel silo to avoid air leakage and water seepage.

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