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Ventilation and selection of steel silo

Sep.10, 2018Keywords:ventilation , steel silo, grain safety

Natural ventilation is not equipped with a special fan. It USES the hot pressure of air and the wind pressure caused by wind to realize the exchange of gases inside and outside the grain reactor. The efficiency is low.According to the experience of the author, only a few enterprises have short storage period (generally within 15 days, summer within 7 days).

Mechanical ventilation is a more commonly used and effective technique for grain storage.The mechanical ventilation system of the steel silo can promote the gas exchange in the silo, balance the temperature and moisture of grain and prevent the heating and mildew.The purpose of the ventilation system is to create a low-temperature environment, improve the food storage environment, prevent water transfer, reduce temperature and disperse humidity, and eliminate peculiar smell in the reactor. If air is dispersed after fumigation, it can also inhibit the occurrence and spread of insect pests and mold, and at the same time, it has the function of dust removal and explosion protection.

Steel silo often adopt mechanical ventilation way is: the ventilator is set in the bottom of the steel silo, through the ventilation pipe to the outside world dry air or cooling gas import warehouse in the geosynclinal ventilation (or ventilation cage, ventilation pipe, etc.), the spread of the gas constant and warehouse within the grain heap of heat transfer between the hot and humid air, set in the warehouse top of axial flow fan (or warehouse top natural air holes) synergy, timely discharge positions within the food to the hot and humid air

Gas can not only accelerate the directional flow of air in the storehouse, but also prevent condensation caused by the large temperature difference outside the storehouse.At the same time, the space temperature of the roof can be adjusted to disperse the humidity and heat of the upper and surface layers, so as to prevent the influence of high temperature on the upper and surface grains. So as to achieve the aim of reducing grain temperature and balancing temperature and humidity.

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