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Application of powder bulk machine and spiral folded silo in cement plant and grinding station

Sep.04, 2018Keywords:spiral silo, spiral folded silo,steel silo

 With the rapid development of domestic economy, the newly built and renovated grinding station construction projects more and more, the structure of library also presents the development trend of diversification, distribution of bulk cement facility also used by the original single reinforced concrete, steel plate welding such as library gradually evolved to use a kind of imported from abroad, and USES advanced technology of spiral folded steel silo. 

Since 1984, some domestic enterprises have introduced the world's most advanced technology and equipment for the construction of Spiral folded steel silo from west Germany. Spiral folded coiling machine set is a kind of equipment specially used in the manufacture of steel silos (at that time, it was mainly used in different industries such as food, grain, brewing, feed, medicine, oil and fat, chemical industry, city and industrial sewage treatment, which was introduced into the construction material industry after 1991). The unit equipment includes uncoiling machine, forming machine, bending machine, support, high frequency stud welding machine and so on. Compared with the first-generation equipment, the second generation of Spiral folded silo coiling machine set introduced has higher machining accuracy, stronger bite structure strength and more accurate silo forming. Due to the use of imported high frequency stud welding machines and canopies cutting machines, it ensures that the canopies and reinforcing bars during the construction process do not damage the surface of galvanized steel sheet and guarantee the quality of products. The construction process spiral folded steel silo is as follows: equipment positioning, wind-up, installation roof (and dust removal equipment), lifting and rooting (making rainproof layer), installation roof access gallery, upper storehouse ladder and other auxiliary facilities. Its unique construction method, the principle is that make the construction required to use coil opening machine first processing of the material volume expansion, the machine will be 495 mm width plate rolling into the required geometry, and then through the bending machine bending, bite, around the silo lateral form a 30 ~ 40 mm width, surrounded by continuous spiral ribbed, have the effect of strengthening silo intensity on the structure. For two different materials, the equipment for the construction of Spiral folded steel silo can also realize the double-layer bending construction. According to the storage medium, sanitary requirements, corrosiveness, etc., the materials of the storehouse can be selected and made: galvanized steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, composite plate, ordinary black steel plate, plastic coated metal plate, nickel plated steel plate, high-strength steel plate to meet the needs of various USES. Among them, galvanized steel sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, chromium plate, nickel plate and so on can be double bending. The spiral folded steel silo is characterized by good overall performance, high strength, long service life, good air tightness performance, wide use, short construction period, low construction cost, small occupation area and easy management.

The combined application of Spiral folded steel silo and powder bulk dispenser meets the different needs of users. Its advantage is short construction cycle, cover an area of small, investment is little, effect is high.

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