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The Types of Slide Pipe in Bulk Material and Transportation System

Oct.26, 2017Keywords:slide pipe types, bulk material storage and transportation system

1. Non-detachable four corner welding type. (figure 1)

Up to now, both here and abroad bulk grain slide pipe adopt this type. It is very convenient to observe and replace the wear-resistance lining board, and the service condition can't be found until the parent of slide pipe is worn through. The liner replacement adopts way of blowing off the above two corners weld joint and remove the upper cover plate. This method needs open fore for a long time in bulk grain storage and transportation system, which has great danger.

                                                              figure 1

2.   Lower opening, the bottom plate can be disassembled type (figure 2)

The slide pipe designed by the British ASC company for Minsheng Corporation of Shanghai port is this type. The designers initially thought that since it could be dismantled, the replacement of the wear-resistance liner should be convenient. But in fact, the bottom of the slide pipe and wear-resistance liner are very important, it can't be operated, especially on high. Shanghai port Minsheng Corporation repaired it after slide pipe parent is wore through, take a method of wearing through one place and repair one place, also in the condition of open fire in bulk material storage and transportation system, although adopt some measures during repair leakage, but also have hidden trouble of dust exploding.

3.Circular section type (figure 3)

Up to now, no insert wear-resistance liner has been installed on the circular section slide pipe used at home and abroad. After the slide pipe is wore through, it also adopts the method of repair welding on site.

The above 3 kinds of bulk material slide pipes are not ideal.

Reform scheme of bulk material slide pipe

In order to facilitate observation and maintenance, reduce the dust exploding, it is necessary to reform the type of slide pipe in bulk material. Based on years of experience in installation and maintenance, our company proposed rectangle upper shed slide pipe and U shape upper shed slide pipe these two types slide pipe, figure 4 and figure 5.

It has three advantages of this reform scheme:

(1)   It is convenient for the observation, maintenance and replacement of wear-resistance liner of slide pipe.

(2)   The thickness of cover plate can be smaller than the thickness of the slide pipe, so that not only can reduce the deadweight of slide pipe, also reduce the cost of slide pipe. If the thickness of the upper cover is less than 3mm, in order to increase its stiffness, it is better to bend both slides, as shown in figure 4b and figure 5b. The port handling is on the upper cover.

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