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Comparison of wear-resistance liners in bulk grain storage and transportation system

Oct.21, 2017Keywords:Comparison of wear-resistance liners in bulk grain storage and transportation system

1.  In domestic, a silo took out the two segments (the length of each segment is 2m) of the same slide pipe, which with the highest utilization rate and the most severe abrasion connected with the bucket elevator and buried scraper. One slide pipe installed on ultra-high plate (spares purchased previously), the thickness is 8, another is installed on polyurethane, the thickness is 10mm. After half a year, it was founded that the ultra-high plate had been worn, and the polyurethane was intact with no scratch when we overhaul it. Therefore, since 2003, they have decided to change all the linings of the slide pipe in silo gradually, and it is in good condition so far. According to the introduction by relevant personnel about the silo, the longest time has been used for more than 3 years without any problem. Through this example, for the moment, it can be explained that the wear-resistance of polyurethane plate is much better than the ultra-high plate.

Besides, according to the relevant information, the wear-resistance of polyurethane plate is 3~4 times of manganese steel. it is thus clear that the wear-resistance of polyurethane is better than that of ultra-high plate and manganese steel plate.

2.  In 3 kinds of wear-resistance lining steel, the manganese steel plate has the largest density. Under the same, the weight of manganese steel plate is 8.4 times of ultra-high plate, and 6.27 times of polyurethane plate.

2.1 Comparison of manganese steel plate with ultra-high plate and polyurethane plate

(1) In the bulk grain storage and transportation system, the amount of the slide pipe is very large, therefore, the weight of wear-resistance plate also directly affects its requirement on the load bearing capacity of the foundation. If use the manganese steel plate is used as the wear-resistance liner, so the initial design requirement for the foundation load is much higher than the other two materials.

(2) Owing to the manganese steel plate is heavy, so it is difficult to disassemble and replace, especially in the high place, it's not easy.

(3) After abrasion of the manganese steel plate, some debris will fall into the next device connected with it, resulting in damage to equipment.


(4) If there is a countersunk head set bolt in the middle of th e liner, it will be very difficult to disassembly of the manganese steel wear-resistance liner when the countersunk bolt is worn. Polyurethane plate is superior to the manganese steel in above 4 aspects.

3. Comparison of polyurethane plate and ultra-high plate

(1) At present, the bolt head used for fixing the bolt head of polyurethane, and also coated with polyurethane material. The bolt matrix does not contact with the grain directly, but the polyurethane outer layer is first worn out in use, which can protect the bolt head, so it is easy to disassemble when replacing. While the set bolt matrixes of ultra-high plate are directly rubbed with the grain, it is difficult to disassemble when replacing the ultra-high plate because it has been worn out, which brings great inconvenience to the maintenance.

(2) The ultra-high plate is hard plate, while the polyurethane plate is the elastic plate. From the point of view of preventing the crushing of bulk grain, the polyurethane board is superior to the ultra-high plate.

4.The price comparison

The price ration of these 3 materials and the same thickness are shown in table.

The latter two items in table, the durable years and the depreciation pet square meter can be as qualitative references. Although disposable investment of polyurethane plate is large, the life length is long and the number of maintenance and replacement is low. It can be formed one-time according to the user's required specification and sizes, without on-site open cost and no material waste. Both ultra-high plate and manganese steel plate have lager material loss. Through the above-mentioned comprehensive analysis and comparison, according to the domestic situation, the wear-resistance, maintenance operability and economy of polyurethane is better than the ultra-high plate.

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