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Grain Receiving / Dumping Pit Types

Oct.17, 2017Keywords:grain receiving dumping pit, grain receiving hopper

There are various forms of automobile grain dumping pits( hereinafter referred to as grain dumping pits), with the development of material transportation equipment, the  expansion of enterprise production scale  and the adaption of needs of business management, the form and function of grain dumpin pits also change. The new-built grain dumping pits should have such basic functions of filtrartion, buffer, uniform discharge, also requred to pick up and unload the vehicles with different sizes to adapt artificial unloading and automatic unloading, and have the good dust elimination effect, even automatic weighing function. Therefore, the design and selection of grain dumping pits form should be based on the specific requirement, such as the recieving capacity, vehicle type, grain package and environmental protection requirement so as to adapt the modern logistics requirement, and under the premise of meeting operating requirement, reduce the civil engineering and equipment investment and get the best economic benefits.

The structure type and features of grain dumping pits

1. Grain dumping pits without horizontal transportation

The characteritics of this kinds of grain dumping pits are the material enters the bucket elevator directly by gravity, so no need of setting the underground horizontal conveying equipment. Due to the limitation of the gravity angle of the mterial flow, it's impossible to make pit too large, so the vehicle can only stop at the side of the pit. Therefore, this kind of vehicle can only suitable for the vehicle of manual grain discharging and side direction self-discharging.

2. Grain dumping pits with horizontal transportation

This kind of grain dumping pit is different from the above-mentioned type of grain dumping pit, the vehicle can pass through the pit, so it can carry out the side or forward unloading. Due to the large number of dumping pits or farther away from the hoist, the material can not directly enter the hoist by gravity, so it's necessary to set horizontal conveying equipement under the pit. The number of pits can be determined by the necessity, can be  either a pit or pits lined in a row( multi pits type), even a number of pits can be arranged into two rows( pits group).

3. The grain dumping pit with metering function, but it can also be measured in grain dumping puts after unloading.

Under normal condition, the measurement of the grain is by means of the platform scale. There are three benefits of the measurement in grain dumping pits: 1 the measurement weight is net weight, so it's unnecessary to weigh the car. 2 The data can be displayed directly, customers feel relieve. Some intentional acts can be avoided, the enterprises interest can be protected.

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