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The Application of Slide Pipe and Wear Resistant Material in Bulk Transportation System

Oct.14, 2017Keywords:slide pipe, wear resistance material, bulk transportation system

In China's bulk storage and transportation system, the amount of slide pipe used is relatively large. It is an indispensable link in the process flow, and plays a role of transition. Before 1980s, no wear liner was installed on the inner wall of slide pipe. When the slide pipe is worn, the steel plate is welded to prevent the leakage of grain. Without dismantling the slide tube, direct welding will easily lead to dust exploding. Later, some equipment imported from abroad, its attack surface were fitted with wear-resisting board. The application of wear-resistant plate greatly increases the life length of slide pipe and reduce the maintenance frequency.

A brief description of the slide pipe liner board used in China.

1.  Ultra-high board

It is a kind of non-toxic plastic, its self-lubricating property is good, low friction coefficient, the wear resistance of ultra-high plate varies with the molecular weight; When the molecular weight reached to 2 million, the wear resistance was improved obviously; The molecular weight is more than 3 million, the wear-resisting is the strongest. But when the molecular weight exceeds 3 million, the material will become brittle. Therefore, the molecular weight should be between 1.7 million and 3 million, in this case is more wear-resistant. For example, under the same test condition( use quartz mortar abrasion), the wear rate of ultra-high board is 2~3 times of nylon 6, 3~5 times of Teflon, 5~8times of carbon steel, 5~9 times of stainless steel.

2.  Manganese Steel Plate

It has advantages of non-toxic, inflaming retarding, eliminiate static, small fraction coefficient, high melting point, but the density is large, up to 7.9g/cm3, and its wear resistance needs to be compared with other wear-resistant plate.

3.  Polyurethane Panel:

There are many kinds of polyurethane, can be used to make wear-resistant lining board of slide pipe, belong to cast polyurethane. It is non-toxic, is a kind of high polymer between rubber and plastic with high wear resistance, good oil resistivity and corrosion resistance, and good shock resistance and elastic resilience [2]. Its wear resistance is 3~4 times that of manganese steel and 7~10 times of that of rubber. Its wear resistance is related to the following three factors:

(1)  One of the main material of manufacturing polyurethane board is TTL100, its purity must be 100%, free of impurities.

(2)  A vacuum casting machine with good quality and high vacuum must be used.

The vulcanizing temperature must be between 110-140℃ and maintain above 48h. The index to measure the wear resistance performance is Akron abrasion, it mainly depends on the equipment performance, precision and process engineering. The polyurethane board adopted in bulk grain storage and transportation is A8 class, the Akron abrasion is less than 0.05cm3/1.61km.

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