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Influence of Temperature on Steel Silo

Sep.23, 2017Keywords:Influence of Temperature on Steel Silo

 Will large steel silos and grain steel silos be affected by high temperatures? It is the hot topic at the moment. The grain steel silo and the steel silo will be affected by the high temperature when stored, and the "hot expansion and cold contraction" is no exception to the steel silo.

The large grain steel silo will be deformed when it is affected by the heat, especially in the uneven heating, such as in the high temperature, temporary local temperature may lead the local temperature rise of large steel silo and expand,then the situation of shape deformation will happen, but a good thing about a large steel silo is that it stays the same when the temperature drops.

Not to say that any good company did not appear fracture of large steel plate, of course the product will go wrong, and how to correctly solve the problem? The large steel silo is made of steel plate, so it certainly need gas welding and other ways to amend, so we need to control regularly when welding, need professional person to handle. For example, the gas is as a protective medium in gas welding, the advantage in it is that has good visibility and simple operation, we can see if there is melting phenomenon on welding spot, The gas shied welding can protect the gas form the welding fun mouth blowout continuously and then form the gas maskant to isolate gas, and prevent the bad effect to TIG, molten pool and the near heat-affected zone, so we can get the quality weld joint. The protective gas can be argon, helium gas or argon helium mixted gas. Under the application of special occasions,can add a little hydrogen. That's what we've called gas welding technique, of course, there are many other weld methods.

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