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Our Company Take New Measures On High Quality Control

Nov.30, 2015Keywords: Grain Steel Silo,Silo Diameter ,Flat Bottom Structure

TIPS to Select the High Quality Silo Systems.

Grain Steel Silo Design Regulations by China National Stardard Bureau GB50322-2011

1. The clear distance between silos should be no less than 500mm

2. If the silo diameter is less than 12m, cone hopper structure is prefered. Hopper bottom is convenient for grain natural discharging. The hopper angle should be no less than 40° if the storage grains are wheat, soybean and corn. And the hopper angle should be no less than 45° if the storage grain is paddy rice.

3. If the silo diameter is more than 15m, flat bottom structure on ground is prefered, silo is equipped with underground discharging scraper conveyor device. The unique advantage for flat bottom silo is that there is no need to consider vertical power effect from earthquake. So it is suggested to use flat bottom silo design at earthquake area.

4. temperature monitoring cables should be hang on silo top beam and can not be hang on silo top steel plate. The cables should be symmetric laid. The temperature monitoring scale is -40~60℃ with ±1℃ accuracy. the horizontal distance between cables be no more than 5m. the distance from outter circle of cables to the silo body should be less than 0.3-0.5m.

5. the regulations for slide pipes are as following:
the slide pipe angle should be no less than 36° if the grain are wheat, soybean, and corn, the slide pipe angle should be no less than 45° for paddy rice grain, and the angle should be no less than 60° for dust and impurities. the slide pipe is made by 3mm-4mm steel plate with replaceable wearing resistance liner. each section of the slide pipe should be no more than 2m and it must have buffering plate if the vertical section height is more than 4m. SRON has the honor to join drafting GB50322-2011 National Regulations on Silo Design. And SRON strictly respect those regulations during our silo design and manufacturing to guarantee the assured lifespan and quality of whole pack of silo project. WE APPRECIATE YOUR WILL OF LEARNING, BUT PLEASE KINDLY RESPECT TECHNOLOGY ITSELF AS NOT TO COPY. THANKS

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