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Grain Storage Safety Management

Jan.18, 2021Keywords: safe grain storage management, grain storage management

1.    Put special silo storage, specially-assigned person custody and special account records, ensure that the grain storage accounts are in good conformity, good quality and safe storage.

2.    Strict implementation of the "one, three, seven" grain inspection system, know well the grain temperature variation, found out problems and report them, make analysist and come up with measurements.

3.    We should actively develop scientific grain storage, do a good job of double low grain storage and heat insulation, and ensure the quality of stored grain.

4.    Conventional storage grain, stir the grain thorough every month not less than three times, do not leave dead angle.

5.    Actively maintain leaking silo and ensure no leakage of the silo top and no damp of the silo bottom.

6.    Prepare ample insecticide, complete the job of prediction of pest attack.

7.    Actively develop the mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation, open doors and windows, ventilator timely for the heat extraction and air-released at night.

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