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Grain Safety Storage Factor-- Cleanliness

Aug.23, 2017Keywords: grain safety storage, how to ensure the safe grain storage

Keep grain clean is of great importance to the grain safety storage. After the grain is harvested, we should try to use the windmill sieving method to remove the impurities mixed in the grain and minimize the impurities such as the grass seeds, fragment of grain, dried grain, soil particle aggregate chips and pests existed in grain. That is due to the complete and healthy grain have strong vitality and it has certain resistance to insect and mildew, while the broken and unhealthy grain don’t have the resistance, and it is easy to absorb moisture, breed pests and grow mildew, so the environment of much broken grain and impurities, high water content will cause a favorable environment for molding and growing worms, and the healthy clean grain will reduce or avoid these factors which are counting against storage.

The cleanliness and sanitation of grain containers are also very important, if the container is unclean, the residual grain、impurities and pests will naturally contaminate grain and make grain grow worms and produce mildew. So we need carefully clean all the containers which store and transport the grain, remove the residual grain, impurities and pest etc.

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