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The Identification of the Stored Grain Fever

Aug.14, 2017Keywords: stored grain fever, stored grain fever identification

Stored grain itself has no fixed temperature. In practice, the basic method to identify the stored grain fever is comparative analysis. As in the temperature rising season, the grain temperature rise faster than the scope influenced by the air temperature, its amplitude exceeds the daily average storage temperature above 3 ℃~ 5 ℃; In the temperature dropping season, grain temperature does not drop or fall too slowly, even rebounded; The grain temperature of nightside is higher than sunny side; The grain temperature change at different levels in the same place does not accord with the change regulation of normal grain layer, the temperature rises when it should drop; The phenomenon that the grain temperature in the same part has a sudden increase compared with the previous inspection records; These are signs of fever or possible fever.

But it must be noted that the exposure of grain and oil and processed heat rice, etc., without adequate cooling, although the grain temperature is high, it can not be regarded as fever phenomenon.  In addition, some newly harvested grain oil in latter stage of ripening, its physiological activity is vigorous and release a lot of water and heat, so the phenomenon "random temperature" also can not be regarded as stored grain fever.

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