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The Reason of the Stored Grain Fever

Aug.12, 2017Keywords: stored grain fever reason, reason of grain temperature rising

During the storage period, if have the phenomenon of  grain temperature rising abnormally, it called stored grain fever. Under normal circumstance, the grain temperature varies with the air temperature and storage temperature, if the grain temperature rises too fast, or when the temperature should drop, but it doesn’t. These are abnormal situations.

The reason of storage grain fever:
There are many reasons for causing the fever of stored  grain, it is mainly caused by the strong respiration of the biological components in the grain heap and generate heat, resulting in the accumulation of heat. Among them, the life activities of stored grain microorganisms are the main factors causing the fever of stored grain, Secondly, it’s the heat energy released by the respiratory metabolism of grain an oil seeds and stored grain pest. Because of in the appropriate condition, the propagation speed and respiratory intensity of the microorganism  are stronger than the grain and pest. For example, bacteria can split up once every 20~30 minutes, and the mould also need only 3~5 days to breed one generation, within several days, they can make the carrier volume of grain and oil seeds increased rapidly from several thousand per grams to several hundred million per grams. Be like again, the respiration intensity of some mould can reach to several ten thousands times as much as that the normal dry wheat. Therefore, in the various reasons of stored grain fever, the main is the respiration metabolism of stored grain microorganism;.

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