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The different Ventilation Treatment for Different Food Varieties (二)

Jul.27, 2017Keywords: ventilation treatment, corn ventilation treatment, soybean ventilation treatment


Due to the characteristics of big embryo, strong breath, easy to heat and mildew of the corn, you should pay attention to make the uniform temperature and homogeneous ventilation when during the application of mechanical ventilation technology.

In the major producing area northeast, most of the corn is the dried corn, and it is with certain temperature after drying, if the corn don’t get the uniform temperature and homogeneous ventilation  after silo feeding n winter, it will cause the water content of corn in the upper layer increased rapidly, and it will be frosted at low temperature environment. Therefore, if the temperature of the new stock corn is higher (reached above 5℃), you need make uniform temperature and homogeneous ventilation to eliminate residual temperature and prev

ent condensation. If the grain temperature is below 5 ℃, and the water content uniformity is in a good condition, can select to make homogeneous ventilation in March, if not, in April.

The autumn temperature lower and anti-condensation ventilation must ensure the ventilation time, only see the electric temperature recording is far form enough, as the grain temperature will rebound and there is certain distance between the temperature check point and grain surface. That is to say, although the temperature of the temperature check point is normal, it can’t representative that the cooling zone has achieved to the grain surface, so it is essential to prolong the ventilation time about 20 hours. Otherwise the corn surface will have a layer of mold phenomenon and easy to cause pests.

If some corn silos has made the uniform temperature homogeneous ventilation after silo feeding, it still has the phenomenon of serious heating, the fatty acid value increased rapidly . So the ventilation in the autumn and winter can’t simply according to the above method to operate. Besides the above method, also need adopts the mechanical ventilation companied with grain turning handling. Because the water content of heated corn will increase since the vigorous breath consume water content generated by dry matter during the heating time. So if you only adopt the ventilation and cooling treatment, the reduced moisture is limited, so we should adopt the more effective method to achieve the dewatering effect. If we don’t adopt the dewatering measure, the heating zone of corn to the grain surface will slowly moldy and turn to black in winter. Although develop slowly, it is serious. Of course, the best ventilation for heating corn in the autumn is to prolong ventilation time, achieve the ventilation cooling effect, don't make ventilation treatment until the corn become mildew in the winter, at that time, the ventilation effect will be much worse.


Owing to the temperature absorption property of soybean is strong, and poor anti-condensation ability, so the ventilation is the earliest and it is not suitable for the soybean to make high temperature difference ventilation, the amount of soybean autumn ventilation and cooling is usually 2 times. The poorer quality of the soybean, the more impurities, the phenomenon of automatic grading is serious, the breaking rate is large, anti-condensation ability is poor, so the mechanical ventilation temperature difference is smaller, even in the range of condensation temperature difference, ventilation can ensure the safety of stored grain.

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