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The Different Ventilation Treatment of Different Food Varieties (一)

Jul.20, 2017Keywords: ventilation treatment, rice ventilation, wheat ventilation

As the harvest time and warehousing process is different, the grain in the warehouse after the ventilation treatment is also different. Today we will talk about the different ventilation treatment after silo feeding of different food varieties.

Because the drying temperature difference is large in winter, the polished rice rate is greatly affected. Generally, the rice with high moisture content is dried in the 3~4 month of spring with slightly high temperature. Adopt the night low temperature treatment after silo feeding, otherwise it will be difficult to spend summer owing to high silo temperature.

Because it is in summer of silo feeding, autumn ventilation is particularly important, it is best to make the first time of mechanical ventilation treatment in Sep and Oct, or Nov and December for ventilation, the early stage condensation will affect the effect of ventilation, and ventilation also has many restrictions.

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